By Maria Nilsson

Lightwaves - a portrait series of Single Fin Women from Byron Bay


atmoseaIf you are in Byron Bay next Wednesday 22nd February
pop in to Bay Leaf Cafe at 6pm to celebrate the feminine spirit of
women surfers, whose lives are closely interwoven with
their passion for surfing single fin boards.
For more information about this event.
Our girl Saskia is putting on her 2nd Lightwaves show, this time in Byron.
Photographer Saskia Koerner started out as a fashion designer when she launched her own label 'Misfit' at the age of 18. Shops opened in Cape Town, Europe and Bali. After years of being on set at her own product shoots, Saskia decided to pursue her lifelong passion for photography when she began taking the shots herself. 
Furthering her dream, Saskia graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California in 2014. 
After living in New York City she moved back to Bali, her natural environment and surfing -her ultimate passion. Saskia is focusing on fine art portraiture, fashion and lifestyle photography.
Currently you can find her working on a portrait series on single fin female surfers around the world.
ATOMSEA were lucky enough to have her shoot some rad gurfers wearing Atmosea.