This week has seen us hitting the road touring our new range of wetsuits, Natural Woman. We started with a fun and colourful evening here at home in Byron at  Wild Things and now in Sydney at Sunburnt Mess in Bondi and Keel Supply on the Northern Beaches.  It has been such a fun week sharing this with all of you!  We are sure you all agree, but one of the best parts of a road trip is the music & the playlists. We're so stoked to have this catalogue of killer playlists from the Atmosea Community to keep our thumbs tapping away on the wheel. 

This weeks playlist comes to you from Rachel, a true gem of a woman. Just like the warmth of the winter sun on your face, Rach's presence is forever appreciated.  With steeze seemingly influenced by the best of by-gone eras, there isn't ever a time when we are't in awe of Rach's style in and out of the water. A truly gentle and humble being, we have always believed Rach lives a pretty perfectly balanced life, just the right amount of time sipping on cuppas in the sun, playing in the waves, learning about environmental initiatives or getting down on the d-floor. This playlist surely is a banger and perfectly summarises the curator! It leaves you feeling mighty fine, just like when you're in her company.  It's so perfect for a road trip, a drive to the surf or just beers on the deck, turn it up, tune out & enjoy. 
Happy Weekend x 


Natural Woman

Embrace our natural tones for the wintery season ahead. 

Master your own tonal capsule by seamlessly mixing our new NATURAL colour way or NIGHT, layering the long Jane with Atmosea jacket. 

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be kind, be gentle, be soft

The Comfort club is all about feeling good. It’s about finding who, what or where that makes you feel the healthiest, happiest, most comfortable and to never feel guilty for taking the time to celebrate and enjoy those moments. There is enough negative impacts on our lifes with what, women fighting for the rights (still...) , global warming and untrustworthy leaderships it’s becoming harder and harder not to be a stone cold pessimist. That’s why I so greatly admire those that remain such innately soft beings. Those that choose to treat others with kindness even if they are strangers, who care about their actions and the impacts it has on others/earth/future. The Comfort club is a reminder to slowdown, be kind to others, ourselves and the earth and to embrace our softer sides because let’s face it, it’s often not the easy option. Give someone that cuddle, pat the dog, breath the fresh air, admire the beauty, call your grandma, drink the coffee, stay in bed. Do whatever is you got to do to remain SOFT.

Artist Collaboration with Brianna Oconnell

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Stardust Spring suit - Midnight Black


Blue Dream Queenin'

Our ocean armour is fiercer than ever, contributing a softer and more flexible fit to ready our bodies for any wet occasion. These new suits represent a special kind of love for us at Atmosea, they reminded us of the power of sisterhood and how it needs to be shared. We will always hold the banner high for sister empowerment, wanting every lady ocean dweller to feel connected to a supportive and welcoming community.

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Do Nothing.

Read the concept behind our Chill Out tee.

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Atmosea Tees

Did you know?!

Inspired by our deep love for the ocean, this tee is a glamorous and fun way for us to stand side-by-side and show that we want to try our best to reduce global plastic pollution and other industries that are impacting our seas. 
The packing for all our tees product is made from cassava— looks and feels like plastic but it is in fact made of Cassava (Yucca), an edible root.

Cassava contain zero actual plastic and are made from Cassava starch using a proprietary process. Being 100% bio-based, the bags will break down in a matter of months but, should they find their way into a waterway before then, they're completely safe for animals to consume, unlike plastic.

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Swim range ‘Be a Lover’ is a love letter to your body, harbouring an invitation for you to thank it and clothe it in pretty joy. Bodies aren’t here to be ogled at, they are machines, they are the doers of our actions and play, they deserve respect and probably want to be told they look great by you every now and then. ‘Be a lover’ is a reminder of this, to handle your body with love and respect and to rejoice all that it does for you.