This week is an important week all around the world.  The #climatestrike is happening globally, and it is our chance to stand up and all come together to try our best to work against climate change, a true crisis we are facing.  We are all impacted. This is our chance to fight for a fair future for not just for generations to come, but for ourselves too. The world as we know it is changing, and we have to act now to try and cease the detrimental and irreversible impacts of climate change. 

The aim of this global strike is to show the people in power that we care and we need them to care too. Jump onto the website ( and sign up to see where the closest strike is for you. 

With that, we are really excited to share this playlist with you, by our mate Amy (INSTA- @PORKYCHOPS), and it is a really fun one to listen to, either on your way to the #climatestrike or on your way to the surf. It really gets the juices flowing and leaves you feeling mighty fine!

Amy has been a mate of Atmosea from the start. We are stoked to have struck up a companionship with this fine lady, she really encompasses what we are about. A fun loving, always smiling, eternal grom; it is always a pleasure bumping into Amy in the water or at the various events around the world that we are always excited to be a part of. We have been lucky enough to have shared some fun times with her at @thesinglefinmingle and it was awesome watching her share her massive smile with the crowds at @glidingbarnacles in Portugal recently. Amy is a joy to know, so you can only imagine how fab this playlist is. Turn it up loud and I can guarantee it will get you dancing!