Wearable Art Scarfs Atmosea x Filippa Edghill

We will be releasing a new range of wearable art scarves

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One of our favourite events is right around the corner and we’ve got tingles just thinking about the fun we get to have. The Byron Bay Surf Festival is a celebration of community, connection and feel good activity, where invitations are unnecessary and the only requirement is enthusiasm. Atmosea has been a die-hard fan of this festival since day dot, and do we have some things planned for you ~

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“löst folk” (loose folk)

We are so excited to introduce our longtime friend, ambassador and artist Filippa Edghill. She is joining us here in Byron for the rest of our Australian summer to enjoy some surfing, fun and friendship whilst creating for Atmosea's first artist residency.  If you have been following Atmosea since the beginning you will recognise some of her beautiful artworks on our Logo's, T-shirts and tote bag. 

Filippa describes her art practice:

 "I try to bring a sense of wonder into my own life trough my paintings. Art brings me to a place nestled between reality and dreams where I can let my imagination grow. In that place I feel meaningful, like the essence of being human is to be able to create."

Filippa's beautiful collection is now currently hanging at RVCA Byron Bay. The gallery is open to the public 9am-5.30pm Monday-Friday, Saturday 9am-5pm

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Milla Fullsuit


Team Friday Tunes

Now that we’ve all come down from our love day highs, there’s no better time than now to introduce you to Atmosea’s very own Valentine, Queen Ma - Cass Hurrell. An absolute stand out, as a unique and charismatic fire cracker of a woman. Cass is like a catchy song lyric; her eccentric demeanour and creative dialogue will stay with you until the end of time. A real true one-of-a-kind, who strides gracefully through life with a distinctive sense of pride, strength and buoyancy. You won’t come across many in life that are as real, honest and considerate as Cass, there’s no BS and it’s straight to the point with this one. She’s got her own way for everything and you just can’t miss her big yellow aura. It’s Friday, so let’s have a wine or a choccie crozzy for Cass and tap into her big juicy heart by chucking on her playlist and reading about her spiritual wipe-out in Bali.

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Blue Dream Queenin'

Our new ocean armour is fiercer than ever, contributing a softer and more flexible fit to ready our bodies for any wet occasion. These new suits represent a special kind of love for us at Atmosea, they reminded us of the power of sisterhood and how it needs to be shared. We will always hold the banner high for sister empowerment, wanting every lady ocean dweller to feel connected to a supportive and welcoming community.

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