By Maria Nilsson

Passion - Filippa

With the launch of our PASSION range, we thought we would take the chance to pose some questions to some of the ladies who we think are living a pretty passionate life. 

Today we asked artist and long time friend of Atmosea, Filippa Edgehill some of the questions we were pondering whilst working on this range. 

Make sure you take the time to have a little look at Filippa's latest work, 'Welcome to the Blues', which has certainly left us in awe of this multi talented woman.  

What does passion mean to you?

That special something or someone that quickens your heartbeat and gives you direction to animate your life.

What are you passionate about?

Painting, surfing and sweet treats

What inspired you to find these passions & how did they become so prevalent in your life? 

Thinking of it now its pretty clear that all my passions come from my parents in one sense or another.

Do you think identity is connected to passion?

Absolutely. I feel like without my passions I wouldn't know who I am. I think my passions are like 99% of my identity.

What is identity? Is it linked to your history and culture?

I think its like whatever you would put in your self portrait, whatever you want to define yourself by. And as much as we just ARE, we are also what we DO. So passions comes a lot into play to your "doing" being. But sometimes it good to forget that and just be without doing and thats absolutely harder for me to define myself without my passions just by who I am naked without them. I think without that and without our cultural and historical context we are really all the same. Our pure beings are not very different to each other but its what we add to that that becomes our identity and what makes us unique.

How do you define your identity? 

I try to let my art define it for me so I don't have to because thats probably the hardest thing in the world to put into words.

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