By Maria Nilsson

Passion - Clare

strong and barely controllable emotion.
If you ever get the chance of an encounter with Clare, you will be so quick to learn that this woman is oozing passion - particularly when it comes to surfing.  She is like a child in when the waves are on - there is absolutely no stopping her and she will surf until her sunburnt eyes just can't see anymore!
This is what passion is to us, that undying love for something that there is nothing that can get in the way of you and said activity, hobby, object, person etc. 

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Photos by Peter Pascoe

What does passion mean to you?

Passion is those little pieces of knowledge and warmth that you sub consciously carry around to help direct and guide you throughout all of your different stages of life. For me passion has somewhat been linear, always following a fairly similar path but just evolving ever so slightly through each new experience, interaction or attempt at knowing more.

What are you passionate about?

Well many things! I could simply answer surfing and not really need to say much else, it's been a compass throughout most of my life but is so much more than the act of 'going surfing', so hopefully it's not too much of a cliche answer haha. The connection to ocean, the elements, the winds, the tides, the friendships that have been created and the places that surfing has taken me have all created a passion of and for the natural world; caring for it, preserving it, living as lightly as possible and all of the wonderful aspects of my life that have been shaped around this connection. 

What inspired you to find this passion/how did it become so prevalent in your life? 

I think I have always been a curious and adventurous being, even as a kid, and surfing creates the perfect recipe for a life well lived in a constant state of endless adventure. A near lifetime of surfing has encouraged a natural prevalence in my life, it has been somewhat of a friend throughout life's highs and lows. I wouldn't say it is more prevalent in my life now then it was years before but I think as I have gotten older it's meaning has changed and it has solidified a place in my life that I know I will always have.

Do you think identity is connected to passion?

I do think the both are connected but I don't think that one explicitly defines the other. We are multifaceted beings, with some aspects of our identity on display more than others. So for as passionate as I am about surfing, which I guess my identity is largely linked to, it by no means defines me, and I wouldn't want it to. 

What is identity? Is it linked to your history and culture?

Identity is a little picture of ourselves that we would like to portray to the world, I'm not sure if I think it's a conscious or sub conscious portrayal, probably a bit of both. I think we create our identities based on who and what we are exposed to and what resonates with us. I guess it is linked to history and culture, well sub cultures at least. We wouldn't be who we are without our own personal history that's for sure and culturally, well I can't say I am a big fan of mainstream culture in Australia but out of that has blossomed some sub cultures that have enabled connections and boosted identity. 

How do you define your identity? 

A fair bit salty, a little bit hessian at times, plastic paranoid, lover of good food, open and warm hearted. 
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Photos by Bea Hetherington