By Maria Nilsson

Passion - Cass

We are determined to live a life full of passion- and to share with you the people we encounter along the way who are too, oozing with that delicious feeling of the all consuming love for whatever it is that makes their heart tick. 

Enter - Cass. What an incredible woman! Leading a life riddled with that shiny, radiant feeling of following her internal compass, constantly guiding her in the right direction of her passions, we are constantly in awe of Cass and her beautiful, soft, hilarious and loving ways. 



What does passion mean to you?

Consumed by something that resonates excitement and realness within, embracing the challenges with wide open arms along the way.

What are you passionate about? Life, surfing, self love/work and my newest passion skateboarding.

What inspired you to find these passions & how did they become so prevalent in your life?

 I grew up in the ocean, so surfing has been a way of life since the beginning. It's as though I was born with my affinity with the ocean, deeply engraved within since day dot. (thanks mum and dad)

Skating is a new world to me (many years later since grommette' days down Avoca) It came about one Atmosea shoot down Bruns, I wasn't very good at it. Competitive Cass was like "I want to skate". A new deck fully set up came to me easily (divine order of life) and meeting folks that skated too inspired me. It's a refreshing new challenge, stepping out of my comfort zone from the ocean to the concrete. Learning and feeling a whole new vibrational stoke at the ripe young age of 37.

Self work is a never ending journey. I don't think you can ever be like 'Oh i'm good now, I'm done with working on myself' Ha!

What is identity? Is it linked to your history and culture?

It's a reflection of self of how we spend our days and move with life.

Absolutely! I wouldn't be Cass if I wasn't thrown into the ocean before I could walk. Growing up in Avoca, the salty culture of free range gromms cemented my connection with the great ma ocean.

The history of each individual, your journey, it's a bundle of chapters leading to where one where one is today. All the lessons, adventures, relationships, humans, jobs, high's and lows, life experiences and so on... It's mix bag of everything that leads to defines us at this present moment. We're the creators of our own destiny in this dreamy life. Each daily path we choose naturally expresses our individual colours, continuously forming our identity.

How do you define your identity?

Ulu, we were one. A unique mix of a lovely determined beachside bogan combined with a soft compassionate and aware fab sunshine woman. Ha!


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