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Mother's day Muse - Interview with Lauren Hill

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Because today we are celebrating our Mother's, we thought we would share with you a little interview with one of our muses, mother, surfer and all-round incredible woman, Lauren Hill. We have always loved watching Lauren approach surfing with such poise and grace,  hearing and reading her eloquent views of the big issues and now seeing her sailing through the stars and seas of motherhood, we are over-joyed to have had the chance to ask her a few things about being a mum... 
What is the most fun element of being a mum?
It changes all the time. With an almost three year old, it's definitely all of the opportunities to laugh and marvel together as Minoa explores and experiments with language. For example, I was tickling his back awhile ago and he said "Mama, I have stars all over my body. It feels sparkly." I loved that so much, witnessing unfiltered, unselfconscious sensory interpretation. He surprises me and makes me laugh every single day. 
Has your relationship with surfing changed since becoming a mama?
This is where I surprised my self. My body really feels different after having a baby. I mean, everyone tells you that, but it's a totally different thing to actually "feel" your own body rearranged inside (and outside). To my own surprise though, I feel stronger. Also, I'm more interested in pushing my surfing now than I was before Minoa. I think I'm more willing to take risks now, take later drops, risk falling on steeper sections, because I feel less overly protective of my body. I'm having more fun in pushing my capabilities in many aspects of life. I think  it has to do with having "free time" so limited now, so I really want to make "my" moments really count. 
Is there a lesson/message you would like your child to learn from the ocean?
I hope he discovers exactly the messages he needs in a lifelong connection with the ocean.
What is the most valuable piece of parenting advice you've received?
Don't get freaked out by any phases, whether annoying, challenging, worrying, or developmental stages they're going through, because they just keep changing. Sleep patterns keep changing, their movement, their brains, their bodies. Most of the hardest moments of parenting have been when I got too caught up in future projections, like "is he ever going to sleep 4 hours in a row" or "will he ever stop saying the word 'no'" ?  It all comes and it all goes, mostly. So far. But I guess I'm only two years in, haha. What do I know? 
What are you inspired by right now?
I'm really inspired by the magic of fermentation in the kitchen: making cashew cheeze, fermented hot sauce, masala dosa, and other bubbly concoctions that harness the beauty of microbes and connect us more deeply with the living world, inside and out. 
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Surfing photos by Celia Gelpin
Thanks for being a such a wonderful role model Lauren, not only to Minoa but to the womens surfing community and beyond.