By Maria Nilsson


ATMO-TV is born from a place of wanting to share our feelings of admiration and pride for people who are doing things
that inspire us. People around the world living a life of passion-fueled desires to create a change for the greater good.

Whether it be directly surf related or not – we are dedicated to sharing these stories with you. The stories that make our heart sing, keep our minds alive and fill us with inspiration, remind us what it means to be alive. These are stories of the people that we wish for the world to see. 

So tune into these episodes full of goodness and expect to leave feeling with a strong sense of admiration; for we truly are surrounded by some damn incredible people.

For the first episode of ATMO-TV we are so stoked to be sharing with you the inspiring story of Em Bracken of Ability surf. We met up with Em one windy morning down at her local beach of Lennox Head, asked her some questions and got to see her working with some of her incredible students. The feeling we had driving away after that morning with Em was the greatest sense of admiration. She truely is a woman who is living her dreams and dedicating herself to help make others lives better. We thought there was no better day than today, International Woman's day to share this with you.