By Maria Nilsson

Mama O is crying out for us to care. She is drowning in a literal sea of plastic waste

In so many of us lives a natural desire to want to care, to care for each other and for the earth. There has never been a more important time for this care to extend out to places it’s maybe never been before.

We are seeing and hearing unfathomable things about our environment, things we would never want to see or accept that as a collective we had something to do with.

The ocean, which we devote so much of our health and happiness to is far from healthy and happy herself. For so many reasons, Mama O is crying out for us to care. She is drowning in a literal sea of plastic waste, waste created by us and whether we want to accept it or not, we have all either directly or indirectly played a part in the sea in which she is swimming.

Despite the fact that the production of plastic is still seeing exponential growth in the way of disposable and single use products, there are conversations, technologies and practices being carried out by so many of us that we've never done, seen or heard of before.

One of these technologies has created ECONYL®, an innovative and sustainable fabric. We all know and as it's been mentioned, there is a shit tonne of plastic in our oceans, over 8 million tonnes of human generated waste enters the ocean each year. ECONYL® is the result of turning this waste into 100% recycled and regenerated nylon. The ECONYL® processes support a circular, closed loop economy and saves over 70,000 barrels of crude oil and close to 60,000 tonnes of Co2 equivalent emissions per year, compared to nylons made from petroleum. It seems rather genius and if we/I needed another reason to love Italians more than we already do ;) then ECONYL® is it (ECONYL®shares its birthplace with pizza, pasta and the Italian Stallion).

Like many brands focussing their attention on sustainability, Atmosea has also had a long desire to show that we care and switch practices where available to ones that align best with our collective ethos and values. Never before have we felt so good in a bikini as we do in the VITA made from 100% pure Italiano ECONYL®- knowing that we can be a part of a solution, not a part of a problem, is liberating, empowering and inspiring. By choosing to wear this bikini we are hopefully raising thoughts and questions about single use plastics, about our individual practices and what types of businesses we want to support.

For Atmosea and all of us who align with this community, this is a proud moment and whilst we will all continue to play our vital individual roles in the war against waste, we will wear this swimsuit with pride and love each other that little bit more, knowing that we are doing our best for our precious Ma ❤️




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