By Maria Nilsson


After a little hiatus we are stoked to be back and bringing you some killer playlists from the friends of Atmosea all over the world. 

This week we are excited to be sharing with you a little insight into the wild and wonderful ways of our pal, Kat. Kat lives a life of creativity and adventure in Western Australia and is constantly inspiring us to get out there and make the most of our time on this vast and insanely beautiful planet. 

 One of our favourite things about Kat is the way she documents the sweetest moments in time. Being huge suckers for a bit of nostalgia, we are so grateful that  over the years she has taken many photos of the everyday moments that we now look back on and realise just how peachy life really is. 

This playlist is primarily composed of surf punk, feel good songs, a perfect representation of Kat. We hope you have a great weekend and find some waves out there!  

Describe to us your perfect day 

 Surf, sail, skate, dive with mantas or seals, camp fire, good mates, cold beers. 

What is a social or environmental issue that hits close to home for you? 

Ooo you opened a can of worms here… 

Save the sharks, become a shark champion (Humane Society International). I love sharks and all marine creatures for that matter, but the men (and women) in grey suits are the most important link in the marine ecology. We fought to stop shark culling in Western Australia and we won. People have a fear of sharks in W.A and believe their populations have increased, which is not true. CSIRO studies revealed there are only 1600 sharks in the whole of the coast and we currently pour millions into tag and release programs instead of focussing on people in need, especially when you are more likely to get hit by a drunk driver or killed by an abusive partner than eaten by a shark. Sharks are on the losing battle and we kill far too many every year through illegal trade, shark finning and lethal drum lines still deployed in marine parks, not to mention being their main competition for food. Without sharks we will experience a trophic cascade which is collapsed in the marine ecosystem on all levels. Fear not the Noah, remember it is their home not ours and it is a privilege, not a right to be in their territory. I am also a member of the Australian Conservation Society to support all of their campaigns including fighting Adani in court, pressuring the government for stronger environmental protection laws to end the extinction crisis and of course Climate change. Remote community poverty cycles are becoming my focus for this year, empowering indigenous kids with education, inspiration and support to become the best they possibly can be. 

Do you have any unusual skills?

 I can tattoo people…. I started learning last year and I have inked quite a few bodies heheheh 

If you were an animal, what animal would you be? 

Dolphin for sure. 

What is your favourite surfing memory? 

My 2 and a half months surf trip to Red Bluff and Gnarloo up the coast in West Oz. Barrels, off grid living, desert meets the sea, diving, mantas, sunsets. One of the best times of my life and the best barrels for sure. 

Travel Plans? 

Im about to hop on a plane next week and head across to Bali with my sister for 5 days which will be fun but I will be flying around Western Australia to remote communities to Teach kids this year. I am in the flying squad which means I get called out to 5-10 week contracts relief teaching in the outback it is really incredible, so pumped to get out there and help empower kids through education. I am also registered for the International Pacific Marine Educators Network Conference in Hawaii in July. I have always wanted to go for a surf trip to Hawaii and the fact I can do that this year and incorporate Marine education is such an epic bonus!! I am hoping to fit in a trip to Cactus in South Australia this year as well for a little solo surf mission/vision quest. I have been coming back to Byron every year for the last 5 years so you never know ;) ;) 

What is your morning routine like?

 Wake up around 5.30-6 sit up in bed, look at the waves out the front, if it's good I get my longboard walk down the hill and paddle out through the lagoon, if not, definitely a beach walk and ocean swim. Coffee at the Andies general store, soy latte and a ciggy.  If the conditions are favourable for other spots I'll head off on a surf mission. Yallingup mainbreak is the best indicator wave for surf in the area, I am so stoked it's my front yard. 

Any guilty pleasures?

 I am the biggest durry snake out, nothing to be proud of at all but I love a good ciggy.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you nearly wet your pants (or maybe you even followed through)?

 I have just started watching a series on Netflix called Tuca and Bertie its halarious, last nights episode was about sex bugs I didn’t wet my pants but my face was leaking hard! 

What is Kat’s life motto? 

Stay stoked, be kind, live simple, travel (alone), grow your own food, have fun and look after the planet. 

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