By Maria Nilsson


How good are the simple pleasures in life? Like going for an early morning surf with your friends or family and heading home to make delicious pancakes. It doesn't really get much better than that, if you ask us. We are obsessed with Pancakes with purpose - they are so delicious and good for the planet too, being made from the 'ugly' bananas that super markets don't want to ensure no waste and farmers are still being supported. Yum! 

This week we bring you a real feel good play list from our friend in Oahu, Shannon. Shannon lives and breathes anything to do with the ocean, she essentially has salt water pulsing through her veins. We are in love with the way she sees the world, and we are stoked she spends sometime capturing beautiful moments behind the lens to share with us. 

We've loved listening to this playlist full of fun tunes and hope that you enjoy it too!


 Describe to us your perfect day…

A perfect day (cue Lou Reed song)  for me would have to start with a sunrise surf with a friend. Then a good/strong cup of coffee and a croissant (specifically from Monsieur Spoon in Bali) while I do some painting or drawing. After that I would take a walk on the beach with my pup Rocco. Then I would meet up with some friends and shoot some surf in the water till sunset. As the sun sets I would love to set up a cheese plate and have some wine. After that I would love a huge homemade pasta dinner with friends and family then watch an old classic film and fall asleep.

What is a social or environmental issue that hits close to home for you?

I get so frustrated with the wasteful use of plastic. Being from Hawaii and always being near the ocean, I can’t help but get angry when I see people use excessive amounts of plastic for nothing. It is always frustrating to be out in the water and see a piece of plastic float by. Especially when there are so many options other than plastic nowadays! There are so many cute/functional reusable things you can buy now. 

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you spend that extra time doing?

I would be shooting on one of my film cameras. If I could be making photos all day, I would. 

Do you have any unusual skills?

I suppose my skill of making homemade pasta is unusual, at least for someone my age haha.

Who was your greatest role model as a kid?

I would have to say my Dad! He was a photographer and the reason I got into photography. He gave me his old cameras when I was younger and I love having that bond with him. He is a very mysterious man and even to this day he surprises me with new stories of his past. Every story is crazier than the last and each one makes me want to explore and live more.

What are some of your daily/weekly rituals?

I actually have a daily skincare routine, it isn’t fancy but it works for me and it is becoming oddly therapeutic. Also walking my dog everyday!

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

I am absolutely an introvert, anyone that knows me would agree haha.

You are off to an alter ego party, who do you dress up as?

I would dress up as good ol’ Frank Sinatra. 

Complete this sentence, “I love….”

I love my pup Rocco. He is the best thing to ever come into my life.

What is Shannon’s life motto?

Il dolce far niente. That is Italian for “The sweetness of doing nothing.” 

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