By Maria Nilsson


One of the greatest delicacies of human kind, we think, is just how different we all are. Each one of us have our own and varied tastes and preferences in everything -  Food, music, hobbies and interests.  We all have our own view and perception of the world and our own moral compasses, and we love nothing more than celebrating these differences in everyone, because really how boring would the world be if we were all the same!

This week we have a real party starter playlist to share with you from our friend Lindsey. Lindsey is a woman of the ocean, living on North Shore of Oahu everyday is dedicated to being in the sea. It is so cool seeing how she charges those powerful waves! Turn this one up and get down to the fun tunes Lindsey has shared with us this week. 

Describe to us your ultimate dream day…  So I live in North Shore, Oahu where Pipeline is and it is the thing that makes me feel most alive in life. Wake up to blue sky and light winds, make a frothy Cappuccino and meet up with my boogie friends and go surf perfect 8 foot Pipeline with only our friends with a rainbow overhead. Then head to grab an Acai bowl and chat about the session with my friends. Surf Pipeline again and watch the sunset from the ocean then head in and watch the stars come up while we have a bbq/bonfire on the beach while friends jam on Ukulele and guitar.

What is an environmental or social issue that hits close to home for you? I meet people from all over the world and I always ask how is the weather where you live? No one ever says its the usual. It scares me to hear that no where in the world are the weather patterns normal. I have seen our beaches and shoreline disappear in the past 5 years and houses on the beach falling into the ocean right across the street where I live. Global warming and climate change are my greatest concern. 

Advice you would give your younger self… before making a serious choice, take a pause and take time and space to let the answers come instead of forcing it. Be honest with yourself about WHY you are doing what you do.

For what in your life are you the most grateful for? Being born and raised in paradise and being aware of the friken lucky deck of cards I have been dealt with in life. Finding the love for the ocean and having amazing friends and my amazing daughter.

If you could wake up tomorrow with a new quality or ability, what would it be? The ability to fly! 

What do you value the most in a friendship? Honesty and loyalty

How does music make you feel? Depending on what mood I am or want to be in, I can tap into that emotion more with Music instantly.

Your weirdest extravagance? Haha thats easy. Raw cookie dough. I once got over an ex by eating raw cookie dough at night to replace him for like a month!

How do you practice self love? I practice daily being kind to myself. Like if I had a day of rejection, I remind myself that I should be proud that I am taking risks and failure is the path to success and tomorrow is a new day and this defeat is just temporary. I also listen to guided meditations on youtube at night when I fall asleep.

What is Lindsey’s life motto? Do what makes you feel alive and life simply.

Atmosea, atmoseawetsuit, bodyboard

Atmosea, atmoseawetsuit, bodyboardAtmosea, atmoseawetsuit, bodyboardAtmosea, atmoseawetsuit, bodyboard