By Maria Nilsson


A few weeks ago, I went for a surf down at a quiet little bank at the end of the street and ran into an old friend who I hadn't crossed paths with for quite some time. We used to see each other out at The Pass 'back in the day', and of course our conversation (after talking about kids and travels and adventures) naturally went down the avenue of 'it just isn't how it used to be'.  After a little bit of reminiscing and realising that we were kind of sounding like a couple of grouchy and cynical old folk, we kind of came to the realisation that surfing, for us and I am sure many of others, is just like a relationship with another being. Think about it: in any relationship - whether it be a friendship, an intimate relationship, family, whatever, they all take time and nurturing and are constantly evolving and changing. Sometimes you are wildly in love and in awe of each other, and in other moments you drive each other insane. But you just know that this person; for whatever reason is currently in your life and part of your story. These relationships are dynamic and always changing and it is just like that with surfing. There are outside variables that influence you and the other party. Sometimes you just need a break to come back together to appreciate each other again, sometimes you need to spice it up, like perhaps a new type of board or surfing different waves (maybe similar to a holiday to a different part of the world with a person), but regardless, you can feel something special and you are willing to put in the hard yards to make it work. The bond we share with the ocean and the act of surfing is unique to everyone but end of the day we are damn lucky to have found each other, right?

This weeks playlist comes to us from our French bestie, Anouk. With a passion for yoga, surfing and general well being, it is always a pleasure to bump into Anouk in all corners of the world. She is truly amazing, be sure to check her out online here and see what she can do for you! This playlist is a fantastic mixed bag of goodies, it makes you feel calm, yet excited; the perfect pre-surf playlist if you ask us.

Describe to us your ultimate dream day
It may sound a bit cliché but to me, any day can be a dream day… if I just put myself into the right mindset !
Focusing on making any day a dream day is a practice that comes with the realization that today could be my last one.
I also love the energy behind the days where I have nothing planned and I let myself being taken by the flow ! Creating space for the mystery of life always brings me to the best places, encounters and experiences…

If you could have any super power, what would it be & why?
I would remove ALL pollution on earth and banish plastic forever.
I would also hack people’s brain and make them suddenly become highly conscious and caring about ALL life on earth.

Do you have a favourite surf memory to share?
I once broke my humerus (the only bone between your elbow to your shoulder) surfing at The pass in Byron Bay. It was a massive rescue operation to get me back to the shore (cuz my arm was all floppy and broken).
It’s one of my most badass stories.
That one story you tell at dinner parties.

How do you define success?
Success to me is knowing how you add value or help someone, or improve people’s life and doing A LOT OF THAT. :)

What is your favourite thing to do when visiting a new city for the first time?
I love waking up early and going to the local café to feel into the vibe.

Finish this sentence … ‘I love …..’
My family, my friends, receiving love, giving love, living, trying new things, coaching people, Beyoncé, A GOOD HUG, almond butter, surfing big waves on a shortboard and thinking I’m a total shredder and do big turns (let’s be honest, I’m not), making someone laugh with unexpected dance moves, speed games, debates about politics, the environment or God, sleeping in nature, meditation, my little niece…

Do you have any strange phobias?
Not that I can think of.

What is an environmental or social issue that sits close to your heart?
Parents who don’t bring their kids in nature. I have grown a (pretty) confident adult because my parents really valued adventures, explorations, health, movement and play mostly in nature. I see a lot of parents who feed their kids mostly junk foods and activities like shopping or screens. It really makes me sad for the kids because our family education is such a big determinant of our adult lives.

Do you have any trips planned?
I’m going to Sri Lanka in 2 weeks, it will be my first time there ! I’m psyched.

What is Anouk’s life motto?
Don’t miss out on life, girl. It’s happening now.

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