By Maria Nilsson


There is something special about the bond we share with other women. Don't get me wrong, the bond with a man or any other being is equally as incredible, but when we get the chance to tap into our femme and feel supported and understood by other women, some sort of magic happens. That is like the magic that happens behind the scenes of Atmosea. We are so proud to be lifting other women up to help each other to tap into the most honest and genuine versions of ourselves.
 We are so excited to share this weeks playlist with you - we have been waiting awhile for one like this! It is so perfectly curated and houses so many nostalgic bangers, all by women! It leaves you feeling excited, sentimental and powerful.
This power to the pussy playlist was made by our mate Michaela, who is the ultimate grom! Her energy is contagious - and if you are lucky enough to surf with her, you never leave without a huge smile on your face. 
Turn this one up loud and enjoy the magic some other women have made for us.

 Describe to us your ultimate dream day…

The ultimate dream day would start with some yummy morning tunes.. Coffee.. Then hit the beach for a day of epic waves and sunshine with some pals and a v large supply of snacks 

Favourite surf memory?

The other day a ginormous turtle popped out of the water right next to me. Was pretty special!

Would you describe yourself as an introvert, or an extrovert, or somewhere in the middle?

I’m an extreme combo of both. I can be so loud and outward but then sometimes so shy and quiet.. Depends on my company and surroundings

 Do you have any unusual skills?

Can flick my eyelids inside out

 What is some advice you would share with someone just getting into surfing?

I’m still pretty new myself but I’d say just go out as much as you can. Try not to get intimidated and try and take some risks.. It definitely helps if you have a buddy of similar skill level for support

If you could be one animal, what would it be?

100% a dolphin

What is an environmental or social issue that sits close to your heart?

So many but pollution, plastic and unnecessary packaging is a really big one for me! Kills me.. And the planet!

 What do you catch yourself day-dreaming about?

Sometimes when I’m driving I imagine I’m steering on a big wave

What is a skill you would like to learn and why?

Would love to up my air guitar game and learn the real deal

What is Michela’s life motto?


atmosea atmosea atmosea atmosea