By Maria Nilsson


This week is an important week all around the world.  The #climatestrike is happening globally, and it is our chance to stand up and all come together to try our best to work against climate change, a true crisis we are facing.  We are all impacted. This is our chance to fight for a fair future for not just for generations to come, but for ourselves too. The world as we know it is changing, and we have to act now to try and cease the detrimental and irreversible impacts of climate change. 

The aim of this global strike is to show the people in power that we care and we need them to care too. Jump onto the website ( and sign up to see where the closest strike is for you.  

Let us know in the comments where you are going for the #climatestrike. So far Atmosea will be representing in Byron Bay and Lisbon. Where else? 

With that, we are really excited to share this playlist with you, by our mate Amy (INSTA- @PORKYCHOPS), and it is a really fun one to listen to, either on your way to the #climatestrike or on your way to the surf. It really gets the juices flowing and leaves you feeling mighty fine!

Amy has been a mate of Atmosea from the start. We are stoked to have struck up a companionship with this fine lady, she really encompasses what we are about. A fun loving, always smiling, eternal grom; it is always a pleasure bumping into Amy in the water or at the various events around the world that we are always excited to be a part of. We have been lucky enough to have shared some fun times with her at @thesinglefinmingle and it was awesome watching her share her massive smile with the crowds at @glidingbarnacles in Portugal recently. Amy is a joy to know, so you can only imagine how fab this playlist is. Turn it up loud and I can guarantee it will get you dancing!

Describe to us your ultimate dream day…

My ultimate dream day, there are thousands of iterations of this but lets give this a whirl…

Recently happened at Gliding Barnacles, waking early for a surf, then creativity, art /music/dancing, some beers thrown in, all surrounded by the ones I love, bouncing ideas and jokes off each other, sharing waves and food and experiences, just being alive and loving it, PLUS hugs I can’t live without hugs!

If you had to only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what colour would it be?

None, some crazy pattern.

Have you read any good books lately?

Have I ever, yes I am loving reading, and well these are a must:

Talkin’ it up to the white woman, by Aileen Moreton-Robinson
Sex at Dawn, by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha
Caliban and the Witch, by Silvia Federici
Be Here Now, by Baba Ram Das

Any guilty pleasures?

I don’t have guilt, it’s all pleasure.
I don’t want to shame myself about the things I like… so in saying that, well yes singing to Mariah Carey, or TLC or En Vogue. I love singing, I was in London, Soho at some jazz club in 2017 and the singer noticed me a little white girl going hell for leather singing “Don’t Let Go” in the audience and handed it over to me to finish... I lost my mind that was a bucket list moment, such a pleasure.

What do you find yourself daydreaming about?

Winning the Lotto, hahaha NOT kidding I love daydreaming about this, like buying all my friends and family homes and going on holidays and starting up a business that mentors girls in surfing and how else I could use the money to change the world, like clear 3rd world debt.

How do you practice self love?

By doing, playing records, surfing, mediation, dancin’ oooo I love dancing, watching the sun rise and set, running after the cows, playing with the horses, basically anything that makes me squeal like a kid.

As a woman who finds herself traveling around the globe on the regular, what are some things that you do to try and minimise your carbon footprint?

Investing in the right things, my super is with Australian Ethical Super and they are all about sustainability and renewable energy. I go help plant trees for Bangalow Koalas locally, they happen I think monthly which is fun on Saturday morning. Choosing to shop locally and consciously, that “know better and do better” theme is constant in my head. I’m about to do Wires course so I can help injured native animals, and generally just do all my small things like what toothpaste I buy, to never flushing the toilet until I make a poop, those things I feel make huge differences, if we all do the small things it makes a big impact.

Who was your greatest role model when you were a kid?

There were many but I am going to choose my Nana, Gladys Rose, I have her middle name too and I love that. She was an artist (I did a tonne of drawings lying in the living room for her) and a reader of tea leaves (Tasseography), quiet on point with her readings too. I liked her, shit I fucking loved her, she never once judged me on anything I did, she had not a blink in her eye at any hair cut or piercing or anything I did and that made me feel loved.

I’m sure there are many, but what is one of your favourite surf memories?

Watching someone else get the wave of their life, usually a beginner or when I have been volunteering for disabled surfers and seeing the joy and freedom in the face of kids/teens when they get a wave, it's pure bliss.

What is Amy’s life motto?

Ciao-abunga! A word I made up, Ciao (see ya) and Cowabunga (to express delight or satisfaction) I say it when I leave my friends, I want them and me to go off and be delightful and have delights and fucking live, with love.