By Maria Nilsson


It’s not a proper Indo trip without an array of bintangs, a near-death motorbike accident, nasi goreng on nasi goreng, and some bloody reef scars fashioning our Atmosea suits and Orion’s Belt Jewellery. Barefoot in bathing suits (helmets included - of course), two girls per bike gripping two surfboards for dear life, four motorbikes lined up in a row. Pretty damn dreamy feeling waking up each morning in paradise with your girl gang strapped n’ ready to snag some magically dangerous surf. Us lady riders and sliders managed to score some of the longest lefts of my life at Ulu, Padang Padang, and Balangan Beach in West Sumatra, Indonesia. When you catch something that makes you feel interconnected with the ocean for such a long interval - the addiction to catching another, and another, only deepens.
Having all of your bad ass female rippers alongside you floating, hooting, and hollering in the ocean; it changes the atmosphere and energy of the line-up holistically. A supportive and empowering human-ocean connection and community out-rules any competitive tempers in the water, the power of mother nature and female energy in full force and harmony! We laugh, we splash, we flirt, we constantly break down the barriers of a male dominated sport with both grace and epic wipe outs all the same. We dance speedily down the line dodging reef
and reaching sublime.
A typical day consisted of the following: wake up and watch the swell build over fried rice (nasi goreng) and coffee - surf - lunch - surf - clean off cuts - sunset and shoot - dinner and a bintang - bintang and a dance - then a long sleep to empower our oh-so-lucky ability to do it all over again.

Being a woman in the world is a weapon. Powerful women uplift each other through a celebration of our beautiful similarities and unique differences. Women surfers dance on waves and dance on the land, we live each day with passion and knowledge of our fortune to connect to the sea and our planet through both surfing and our positive actions on shore. We moved through this trip with constant belly laughs and excitement, surf and sunned out from long beach days and danced out from long moonlit nights. We rocked our Orion’s Belt Jewellery and Atmosea gear whether it was during a tiresome nap or in pounding waves, pushing through gentle tides and pushing powerful boundaries.
To look back on this time now that I am back in full grind mode, it feels like a picture perfect memory - out of reach and out of touch. A memory I can only hope is replicable in the foreseeable future, experienced all over again.

That is the devils deal you must come to terms with during youthful times. It seems very unlikely that you could ever relive that one adventure, in that one place, with those many untraceable moments. Anyone fortunate enough to explore the world at this age can relate, it is the scary but undeniable truth and beauty of fast times like these. The fleeting feelings surrounding the chase of Indonesian swell with my best mates geared in Atmosea and Orion’s Belt Jewellery this past summer is a daydream that will live on.


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