By Maria Nilsson


Sometimes I live in complete awe of how similar and different we all are at the same time. Like we are all built of the same physical matter, but look and feel so different from each other. We often have common interests but the further you zoom in, there is so much difference amongst the similarities. Take surfing for example. Some people love riding a board with three fins, some like one. Some like punchy waves, others mellow. But that is was I love about being alive and human and living in a dynamic and thriving environment, it is the differences that bring us together. 
This weeks play list comes from Ash, a friend from the South Coast of NSW. 
 A never ending energiser bunny who was a born and bred hippy from the blue mountains, Ash started surfing a little later in life at 26 but was shredding concrete skateparks as a wee tomboy lass. Ash lives and breathes health, nutrition, surfing, and juggling uni whilst maintaining being a sales savvy unicorn immersed in all things business. When she's not on at work, or on a wave, she is hanging with Goliath, her amazing pooch. 

Describe to us your perfect day

A frothy surf at The Farm near Kiama at sunrise, fresh almond milk capp, doggo cuddles, nephew cuddles, golden sunshine all day long, crispy potatoes for dinner.

What is your morning routine like? 

Doggo cuddles and sleeping in too long, fresh almond capp, facetime with Teddy (nephew).

What is a skill you would like to learn, and why? 

Next level graphic design, just wow!

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Time Travel. Back to a time of empty surf breaks around the world. 

Do you have any secret skills or talents?

I can hand-stand for minutes. The gymnast never leaves you. 

What is your favourite surfing memory?

6 weeks of surfing Nicaragua & Costa Rica with my sister. Unforgettable waves. 

Any irrational fears or phobias?

People eating too loudly, holy!

Read any good books lately?

So many! But the must reads are: A Little Life, A Fine Balance, Boy Swallows Universe!!

What do you catch yourself day-dreaming about?

Teddy - the greatest little nephew in the world. All day. 

What is Ash’s life motto?

Anything is possible. Absolutely anything. 

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