By Maria Nilsson


This week we share with you a playlist from one of our greatest inspirations out at The Pass and OG Surfing Mums ( Jules. Living through the constant changes of The Bay and surfing and life in general I guess, it is a big breath of fresh air to see Jules out there, always positive with a radiant smile and warmth. I love Jules' surfing on an old mal; it is graceful, timeless and classic - reminding us of the history of surfing, how we got to where we are today and the importance of being aware of our roots and the evolution of surfing.
This playlist is so incredibly perfect to listen to on your way to the surf. It is a mix of some old bangers that we know so well that the words are ingrained somewhere in the back of our minds, and some super fun tunes from @parcelsmusic - of which Jules' wildly talented son fronts the band. 
Again, this is what we absolutely adore about Atmosea, is this constantly growing community of people, all over the world, all offering insights into their way of being and sharing the beauty of differences. We hope you have a lovely time listening to this playlist this week. 

Describe to us your ultimate dream day…

It would have to entail hot chips from the Pass Café and a really uncrowded day at the Pass with high tide, beautiful waves and somewhere in that day a nice coffee.

Favourite surf memory?

That’s a bit of a hard one but stand out memories are, quite a sizeable day at Noosa on my old mal, old sixties model with a rolled bottom and knifey rails.  Surfing from Teatree making my way all the way round to first point; that was pretty good. Well I do have a great memory of surfing the Pass with my kids on Christmas Day, which is what we do every Christmas but the difference being it was torrential rain that day and we thought the whole day was off, it was bumpy, northerly but the rain stopped and it was like a sheet of glass with just the kids and I; it was great, tiny waves, long rides.

Who was your greatest role model as a kid?

I would have to say my father because of his ability to talk to anyone and everyone with the greatest respect, humour and humility.

Any guilty pleasures? 

Red wine and I really do surf too much if there is a too much.

What does your quiver currently look like?

Um I’ve got a few boards but my favourite three are a vouch 9’9”, it’s got a bat tail with flyers, rolled bottom 50/50 rails, she’s a wild ride.  A ten foot beast made by many hands with a carbon wrap with

50/50 rails, quite a traditional shape and then a 7’6” Bonzer. I’ve got many more but they are my current loves.

What is some advice you would share with someone just getting into surfing?

A calm heart!

What is an environmental or social issue that sits close to your heart?

I would have to say community sits very close to my heart. Communication with friends and community is very important to me and I think it’s what makes the world go around really.  And I would also

have to say that I hope Byron Bay will be plastic free one day soon.

Have you read any good books lately?

The Shepherds Hut by Tim Winton:  I have to say I have great respect for the author and that’s why I read it, it was a good read.

How do you measure success?

Respect and humility.  When I see this in other people I regard this as successful.

What is Jules’ life motto?

An open heart!

Surfing photos Slideaholics

Words Molly O'Neill