By Maria Nilsson


This week has been one of those where you just aren't sure which day it is. It could be Tuesday, Friday or even Wednesday night and they all kind of feel the same. I guess that is the joy of living a life similar to that of a constant holiday. 

We are more than delighted to be sharing with you today the tunes from Daini, a woman who as soon as you meet her has you captivated by her genuine interest and desire make you feel. Daini is one of those powerful creatures who, whilst you are in her presence everything makes sense, and boy-o-boy, can she make you laugh!
Not dis-similar to an over frothing grom, you see her out there shredding on waves smaller than ankle high, or getting amongst the chaos that is the point and dominating with grace and style and reminding the rest of the line up that really we are out there to be enjoying our selves. 
It has been bitter sweet in the past few weeks as we have farewelled Daini from The Bay to watch her spread her wings and fly down to the big smoke. Sydney is damn lucky to have this seabird landing on its shores. 
 With creativity & intelligence oozing from her being, we are so proud of what Dains has set out to achieve and know she is absolutely going to nail it; but selfishly miss her bubbly ways around our neck of the woods. 
So please, sit back, relax and enjoy this playlist Daini has perfectly curated - and to be completely honest, I think it summarises her to a tee! Diverse, interesting, exiting, fun, emotive & unique.  We hope you dig it as much as we do. 

Describe the pivotal moment you realised that some things just aren’t necessary in support of your development as a person?

Probably after I came home from a really distressing/transformational/progressive time in New York, where I came to realise that for me to develop into the person I want to be I have to be as truthful and honest to myself as humanly possible, without bombarding my mind with exterior influences.

What is your morning routine like?

I’m such a softy in the morning, coffee in bed, writing, re-calibrating my sleepy mind in order to tackle the day, music, more coffee. Now I live in a city, and I don’t drive to the surf anymore, it’s odd, but I move my body in different ways in the morning now. I love walking, and I love jazz in the morning. So, let’s say that, coffee/walking/jazz.

What comes to mind when daydreaming about how to make the world a better place?

Educating myself about the issues that I want to be able to understand, in a variety of ways, removed from bias and one-sidedness. At times, I feel largely responsible for helping the ones around me to stay informed about the things they may not be able to access in a light-hearted way, information is so intimidating out there and all it takes is one pesky exposure to some generic platform and boom, you have yourself someone who wants to avoid media/information on all fronts. So, for me, it is allowing the ones I care about around me to take responsibility to squeeze all angles and opinions out of what they care about and fine down their own opinions.

Describe your healthy staple meal to us?

Cheese and crackers.

Tell us your favourite surf memory? Or surf fantasy?

My first ever really long wave at Scorpion Bay in Baja which ignited this infuriatingly romantic relationship with surfing, and one day pretty soon I think I’m going to get all my best friends and go back there. Yeah it will happen!

What are your strengths you are most proud of?

Hm, my resilience to bounce back from a major or minor setback and my ability to flip my perspective to promote a more mindful and positive mindset. I am also proud of the way that I can often leap into experiences with very little thought to scare me away from them.  

What are your pet peeves, like people leaving food scraps in the sink hole after washing up, or maybe it’s seeing people wear odd socks?

People littering, rudeness and unawareness for the humans around you, stinky breath and arm-pits, ignorance’s and egos.

Is there anything you’re afraid of right now?

Absolutely, I’m riddled by fear of not achieving the things I want to and succeeding in chasing my passions because of being too confused and not focussed one thing, focussing on too many things has always left me feeling astray. I’m also quite aware that the things I am afraid of are the things that fuel me to take steps towards achieving these goals. Sheesh.

How do you measure personal strength?

Independently, removed from comparison, understanding that everyone’s strength is valid to its own accord and is always exceptional. I measure personal strength in other people by the way that hold themselves and make space for other people, if they do that, then I love them.

Are you more an introvert or extrovert, or bane the existence of these attributes and try to channel both, selectively?

I’m inherently both to a tee, although it takes me sometime before I am completely comfortable with another one person. I can definitely use my comfortability and confidence as a coping mechanism in new situations, because it is my armour, but really, I’m extremely sensitive too. Once full comfort is in force, then I’m all sorts of everything.

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Written by Molly ONeill