By Maria Nilsson


 This change of season is one of our favourite times of the year; when we can start to pull out a few of our favourite winter woolies, the westerlies are light and the water still slightly resembles the temperature of a bath tub and we have another period of public holidays and time off from our busy schedules to try and tune out and spend time with our loved ones. 
 To accompany you this long weekend, we have a beautifully curated playlist by one of our dear friends Celeste, from Celeste Twikler Jewellery. Constantly adorned in jewels from all over the world, Celeste oozes style and grace like no other. And to be honest, the timing couldn't be better; Celeste is our go to girl for sweet treats, her fridge always full of something exciting - isn't the chocolate what this weekend is all about anyway?!
So please, tune in and drop out this long weekend with Celeste's pre-surf diddies playing in your head whilst enjoying some sort of delicious treat (whether that be a wave, a sugar free, dairy free chocolate or just a gazillion Easter eggs).

1. Describe to us your perfect day: 
  • Wake up and wipe the drool from my pillow. 
  • Score a rockstar park at the surf.
  • Make someone feel great.
  • Laugh a lot.
  • Find a pineapple ($50) in my pocket.
  • Wear a new piece of jewellery that I can't help but admire every two seconds in the sun visor of my car.
  • Realise the $50 is chump change because I've just checked my tatts ticket and it's a winner! 
  • Go to bed knowing I can now travel to all the places I've dreamed of, look after my family and friends and make all my jewellery dreams come true; then the drooling starts again. 
2. What is a social/environmental topic that hits close to home for you? 
Any injustice regarding children and the impacts of Industrialized agriculture, in particular, livestock farming. 

3. Favourite surfing memory? 
The memories of my surroundings while surfing is what creates flavour for me rather than surfing per se. 
It's about the shifts in nature we are witness to and are immersed in. 
One memorable day at The Pass, there was an intense orange sunset sky and heavy rain that created diamonds on the water. At the same time - over the most easterly point near Wategos - was a vivid rainbow. It completely glassed off for a moment creating perfect waves. Everyone was ecstatic and in reverence of the elements and it was acknowledged with just a smile of camaraderie.

4. What board are you currently riding? 
A 9'2 log by Phillip Island shaper - Wolfcraft & another 9'2 by Byron Bay shaper - Joel Fitgerald. 

5. Read any good books lately? 
I just got a new dishwasher after 8 years of being without one, so my excitement levels are peaking over the manual but another piece of literature I am enjoying is Absurdistan by ABC Correspondent Eric Campbell it's just as interesting and informative.
6. How do you measure success? 
By still fitting in dessert after dinner.

7. Do you have any irrational/weird phobias?
 My fingernails scratching on woollen jumpers. 

8. If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what colour would it be? 
White (I know... technically not a colour) but the way I spill my food I would still end up a rainbow. 

9. Life motto? 
Only wear jewellery on days ending with "y".


Written by Molly ONeill

Photo 1 Sasha Golyanova

Photo 2 by Alex Roberts