By Maria Nilsson


The weather has cooled down a little in our neck of the woods, the seasons are changing (which to be honest, isn’t that drastic here) and we are quietly rejoicing. It is starting to feel like the days where there is minimal guilt surrounding treating yourself to warm baked goods. We thought we would delight you with some nice music to keep you feeling good, even after too many of those little guilty pleasures.

This weeks tunes come to you from our darling Monty. Equipped with wisdom well beyond her years and style that we all wish we had, Monty is the girl on the street or in the surf that always feels like a breath of fresh air; with a radiant smile and a genuine interest in what you have to say.  With a girl-next-door like atmosphere and a repertoire of killer d-floor moves, Monty is the absolute perfect combination of sweet & spicy.

We welcome you to enjoy this fruitful list of tunes that will truely keep you feeling mighty fine & ready to shred. Even if it is a tiny bit fresh out.


Describe to us your perfect day
Doing something I haven’t done before

What is a social/environmental topic that hits close to home for you?
Currently, the lack of support and ignorance from our government of the school children that skipped school and marched for global warming... why can’t they address the issue?

Favourite surfing memory?
At the moment... yesterday surfing Smails in Dunedin with heaps of new and old friends and having the time of our lives in freezing cold water

What board are you currently riding?
My dad just made me a new board for my birthday... an 8’11 Duo by NPJ

Read any good books lately?
Just hooked into the new issue of @hellozukeen by some very cool friends in NZ

How do you measure success?
Sounds cliche... but happiness, when you feel really really good and do what you love

Do you have any irrational/weird phobias?
Paranormal activity... but is that really irrational?

If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what colour would it be?

Life motto?
Appreciate what you have.

atmosea atmosea atmosea atmosea atmosea atmosea

Written by Molly ONeill

Photos by Thomas Lodin.