By Maria Nilsson


This weeks playlist is a pure joy to be sharing with you - made by our friend @lulumaybo. Lucy has grown up surfing the idyllic beaches of the Sunshine Coast, and it is evident to see that the environment she comes from has had a significant impact on influencing her passions. 
 This past decade has seen a huge evolution in female surfing, and it is amazing to see young girls out there absolutely ripping!
The future of female surfing sure is looking bright with girls like Lucy out there showing the line up who is boss. We are stoked to have Lucy as part of the Atmosea team and can't wait to share some waves soon! In the mean time we are going to have to tune in and drop out and enjoy Lucy's fav tunes to listen to before getting out there. 
Happy weekend! 

Describe to us your ultimate dream day…

It’s a sunny day in Keramas, barely anyone’s out, and it is pumping.

What is your favourite surfing memory?

Getting my first ever back hand tube at Canggu and being the only female out at big Uluwatu. 

What do you often find yourself daydreaming about?

Mainly just about offshore days at the beach and travelling.

Do you have any unusual skills?

Running into helicopters and splitting my head open.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

If I were an animal, definitely a porpoise. They thrive in the water and they do crazy things like me.

Any tips for people learning to surf?

Don’t let fear hold you back because you’ll never know if you don’t go.

What boards are you currently riding?

I ride everything, a longboard, shortboard, twin fin, and retro boards.  

Who are some of your surfing role models?

Stephanie Gilmore, Kirra Molnar, Josh Constable, Vittoria Farmer, Bethany Hamilton, and of course Dad.

If not surfing, what else do you like to spend your time doing?

I love spending any free time on my electric guitar, skateboarding, or the promovement gym.

What is Lucy’s life motto?

Live like Jay. (Jay Moriarity) 

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