By Maria Nilsson


Do you ever find yourself feeling like we are living in the future? Sometimes I sit and wonder how much further technological advancements can go. I mean it is great- we can type in the address of where we want to go and a familiar robot voice can direct us exactly to that location, we are aware of what all of our friends and favourite a, b, c &d grade celebrities are always doing and eating, and can access surf and weather reports for all over the world just with a few taps of our fingers. Last week I found myself scrolling on the gram and two different friends in two different countries both shared videos of rainbows they were seeing, and I looked up to see a rainbow myself. That was pretty incredible! Three rainbows, three countries and simultaneous admiration. 

But I feel like with anything in life, we should try and approach our reliance upon technology with balance. Imagine if one day all of our devices self imploded and we were left to work it all out by ourselves? I know I would struggle to navigate a new city just with a map like mum and dad used to get into arguments about, but I also know how nice it feels to sometimes turn my phone off, or leave it on aeroplane mode and disconnect from the internet and reconnect what is going on around me. What do you think? Do you sometime feel like you rely upon the internet a little too heavily?

On that note -  this week on the internet -  we are so happy to share mega babe Lily's fun playlist with you. Hanging out with Lily feels like a breath of fresh air. In love with the natural beauty of the world, time with Lily is always a reminder of how important it is to take a minute to tune out of the technology land and tune into the wonders of what is happening around you. She is fun, wild and free. And obsessed with flowers, dream girl, right?

This playlist is an absolute killer! Diverse and fun and it just feels like a summers morning. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have! 



Describe to us your ultimate dream day…

Early morning yoga followed by a coffee with Bee down at Baz and Shaz. A sit down on the grass… a treasured moment to just watch the world go by and say hello to all of Suffolk’s peculiar and wonderful dogs, out and about on their merry ways. After that I’d come home and spend the day being super lazy, chillaxing… pottering in my garden, having 10 plus teas, reading a book, doing a painting and going for a swim. Then all my greatest friends would pop over and I’d cook them lunch. My ultimate dream day would then be finished off with beers with Max, my brother and Dad at the local - talking about some crazy thing that’s happening in the world, recounting the quirky things of the day and just laughing at all the silly stuff.

Do you have any unusual skills?

Hmmmm unusual skills… nothing super jaw droppingly, wacky. I guess I’ve been called a lil bit psychic?! 

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

Seriously torn between a sexy, slinky, tree-top chilling jaguar and a down-to-earth, messy, fat, food-loving farm pig ☺.

What is an environmental or social issue that hits home for you?

I’m really, really worried about the way Australia’s maternity care system is heading. Up to one in three Australian women have experienced birth trauma and one in 10 women emerge from childbirth with a post-traumatic stress disorder… these sorts of psycho statistics on childbirth hit home for me and are part of the reason I became a doula. I feel so passionate, not only because I’m a woman and have so many amazing female friends and family members, but because birth is one of the lasting raw and natural experiences that in no way should be fear injecting.

Advice you would give your younger self?

I’d tell myself to trust my intuition. And to not try and apply too much logic to everything you do, if something feels right in your belly it probably is.

How do you practice self-love?

I practice self-love by setting boundaries, so just trying to understand my limits and knowing when I’m at peace doing something… or not doing something. Plus let’s be honest – nip off and go get a massage!

What do you often catch yourself day dreaming about?

Often, I’m dreaming about my future beautiful country home which is deep in the bush – home to a pig called Wilma, a huge glass house will a million exotic plants and little scattered white cottages all across the property for all my loved ones.

What does love feel like?

To me l.o.v.e feels like fun, security and relaxation. Being able to feel vulnerable with someone else.

Lily’s life motto?

The sun will rise 

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