By Maria Nilsson


You may remember toward the end of 2018 we took some time out and threw a party to help remind ourselves of the importance of doing sweet F.A. We collaborated with a bunch of artists who all created a print for a tee to represent their view of 'doing nothing'. Atmosea is a huge advocate of sharing a message through art and fashion, and we thought this was a perfect way to help remind people that it is just as important to Chill Out as it is to be busy. 
 It was a super fun concept, kind of ironic if you think about, let's celebrate doing nothing, by doing something, but end of the day, nothing is still something - right?  Everything in balance and moderation, if you ask us.
We had such a huge response to this concept, so we have released a limited run of a new version of the 'Chill Out Tee' designed by one of our favourite illustrators, Clare Duffy. 
We've refined the shape of the tee a little, it is now a fun vintage boxy cut with pink detailing, and the print in colour rather than just black and white. This cute tee was Clare's response to how she loves to Do Nothing. The characters on this tee are a representation of some familiar faces from around Byron Bay and amongst the Atmosea community, but as dogs, a concept Clare has been bringing to life for awhile. Check out more of her work here @c_lare_bear.

We are stoked to be continuously sharing this message of Do Nothing, something we plan on doing for a little while longer... 

Check out the tee here.

Words and photos by Molly O'Neil.

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