By Maria Nilsson

Interview #1 with surf photographer Sashafr0mRussia, Alexandra Golyanova

I first met Sasha this year shooting at the Deus 9ft and Single comp in Canggu, Bali. I instantly fell in love with her quirkiness and happy smiley vibes. 

Sasha didn't always live in Bali. She originally came from Russia where she worked as a police officer. She has now chosen to follow her own unique mermaid lifestyle. To capture waves, surfers and moments of her oceanic life.

We are stoked on what she does and were lucky enough to have her shoot some rad gurfers wearing Atmosea.



Do you have a personal favourite story from your travels?

I think the last one from my Fiji trip! It is happened near Tavarua island, close to famous Cloud break. We already where there in a yacht named Alabama for couple days.


It was middle of the day and everybody chill on the deck. Suddenly someone from the crew saw whales, two giant whales so close to us. It was amazing scene.


The the first thought was to pick up camera and come to those creatures closer as possible. But the small boat was already taken. So I saw passing boat nearby and scream to those guys: “Take us to the whales!” Surprisingly they decide to do pick us on a board, so me and my surf trip partner Eva jumped in the boat. So during next 30 minutes we follow wales, watch and shoot them! That was epic!


Photo by Olga Sinenko

What is your spirit animal?

Monkey, no, really... a monkey. The fiction character of asian monkey king resonates with me pretty well.

Do you believe in the spirits of Bali?

 Can say so, I think I even felt them. I think to experience that you just need to stay at one of the Bali’s beaches for a night.

 Where is your favourite place to shoot?

 I pretty much stuck with Canggu spots, I find Gangah beach breathtaking. And love west Sumbawian spots. Super Suck one of them.

What do you like most about your job?

Its always pushes me from my comfort zone, and in that way helps to improve my skills, gives me a lot of new experiences and forces to keep on moving.

 Have you had any scary moments while shooting from the water?

Yea, in Super Sucks, West Sumbawa. I was shooting during sunset sesh with another two photographers: local, who was shooting from the boat with a perfect but boring angle and another guy with his SPL waterhousing in the water with me.



That time I was in more safe position than the other guy, shooting with tele lens (I got special waterproof lens port for that). So a big set came, something happen during that few seconds and he popped up with a hole in his waterhousing front glass.


I was shocked. But few minutes later a noticed that I have water inside my box. One of the surfers @icaroronchi helped me to paddle out to closest boat. It was scary! Mostly Im afraid not for me but for my camera.  




Photo by Claudia Pinto

What music are you into at the moment?

 The last albums of John Frusiante.

 You have to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

 Bananas... with chocolate topping.

 You get three surfers to shoot on a surf trip. Who would you choose and where would you go?

Oh! its hard. I would love to shoot again Miguel Blanco and Jared Mell, but don't think that they will match at same surf trip, their styles are way different:)
I always want to shoot Sabre Norris, hilarious little athlete, she brings her personality and tomboy nature into her surfing. I will stop, because my list of surfers to shoot is really big:)
Who inspires you?
I find my inspiration in Instagram, I follow more then one hundred surf photographers, but films and stills of Mickey Smith are literally can make me cry, I think everyone should see his "Dark side of the lens". I also love @rivercovey, his art works blows my mind.  


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