Could you imagine a more magical trip away catching waves, and learning new skills, all whilst meeting and surrounding yourself with like-minded, empowering women?

Here are the Atmosea retreats we LOVE and are proud sponsors of:

Surf Magic 

Surf Magic bay, Morocco
Dec 12 - 18, 2023

A luxury Surf & Yoga retreat

Join us in Morocco, at the OSurf Club, for a jam packed week of pure fun in the glassy waters of Imsouane, known to be one of the best longboarding waves on the planet. This is for anyone seeking a side order of tailored tips to enrich your body to board connection and get you surfing with an air of grace and ease. Clare will spill the beans, to reveal and teach how she dances up and down the board, so you can too :)

Held in the breathtakingly gorgeous yet humble Imsouane, its hard to play down this experience. A home away from home that's equal parts luxurious and intimate. Daily yoga, meditation and breathwork, will help cultivate that awareness you want both on and off the board.

* please note this retreat is for women who are already comfortable and confident catching their own waves and have a level of independence in the water.

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A Women's Surf Yoga Retreat

With a vision to create a community of inspiring and empowering women. We encourage women to connect to nature, themselves & others through unique experiences. Synchronising with nature through surfing, hiking, diving whilst surrounded by the rawness of the land and sea. Cultivating mind and body connection through movement, breath and meditation. Holding workshops to inspire women through self love, creativity & conscious awareness.

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Surf Girl NZ

Empowering Women to Surf More

Surf Girl NZ offers many amazing surfing services for women. Including surf photography courses, private surf lessons, women's surf events, freebies and surf retreats! Their first ever women’s surf retreat is happening in Fiji this year but has sold out so be sure to sign up to the waitlist!

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Dela Collective

Seeking Growth Through Community

Surf experiences like no other for the adventurers that seek beauty and reward from the ocean and her surroundings! Created to share wondrous surfing experiences with others that seek adventure and fulfilment with ongoing growth and development for the mind and soul. Surfing around the world has opened doors to places that are untouched by most, with remote breaks that have never been seen before and endless running walls that await you.

With endless adventure opportunities at your door step, we also want to offer slowing down and tuning into what feels good for you. With life’s fast pace go go go mentality, this experience will give you the chance to check in with yourself. The ability to tune into natures unpredictability and align yourself with what it has to offer. Rest assured there will be no missing out on snorkels, stargazing, sunset sails on catamarans plus much more.

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She Babaeu

Ladies Surf Retreats 

More than just surfing. Supporting women in and out of the water. Private groups and collabs. Time will melt away as you sink into this trip of a lifetime. Bring your friends or come along and make some new ones. We've assembled the best things to make this retreat so much fun! This is a chance to expand your surf abilities in a calm safe environment surrounded by women empowering each other. These retreats are designed for you not to lift a finger: nourish your mind, body and spirit - a chance to decompress, make new friends, eat delicious food, gain the confidence in the water you've been seeking and refine your surfing technique so you can SHRED back at your home break!

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Bonanza Collective


Surf, Yoga & Community

Bonanza Collective is an intimate and exclusive surf and yoga retreat curated by us, Amanda Djerf and Elin Hagstein. After our move down to Biarritz we've been *blessed* with a life packed with all the things we love: waves, wine, community, friends, dance, nature. BONANZA! And now, we want you to experience it too. An all female surf retreat right by the sea, full of the above. Pure French bonanza, and we can't wait to share it with you. C'est la belle vie.

Our first year with Bonanza Collective and the ladies who attended completely blew us away. And luckily, THE COMMUNITY CONTINUES TO GROW. This time around, we've decided to spice things up. For the summer editions, we'll live in a beachfront villa with the ocean as our front yard, and the enchanting Pyrenees as our backdrop. Morning swims, lots of surf, and yoga to unwind. Never ending summer nights in our huge garden and evenings out in the charming village. No need to say more, it has to be experienced.


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The Dames Surf Club 

Empowering women through surfing

A non-profit organisation just trying to do go things! We have been running 2 retreats, 1 in NZ and the other Bali.

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