Comfort Club

A long-sleeved dream of a playsuit with a V-neck and a button up front, a chest print, sleeve print and the softest natural textured cotton. 

This comfy playsuit works for any occasion, pre surf, after surf, surfing in your dreams, but maybe not in real life, that's what our wetsuits are for! All you gotta do is jump into it and you’re good to go! 

This style is online exclusive.

Comfort Club a collaboration with our clever artist Brianna O'Connell.

The Comfort club is all about feeling good. It’s about finding who, what or where that makes you feel the healthiest, happiest, most comfortable and to never feel guilty for taking the time to celebrate and enjoy those moments. There is enough negative impacts on our lifes with what, women fighting for the rights (still...) , global warming and untrustworthy leaderships it’s becoming harder and harder not to be a stone cold pessimist. That’s why I so greatly admire those that remain such innately soft beings. Those that choose to treat others with kindness even if they are strangers, who care about their actions and the impacts it has on others/earth/future. The Comfort club is a reminder to slowdown, be kind to others, ourselves and the earth and to embrace our softer sides because let’s face it, it’s often not the easy option. Give someone that cuddle, pat the dog, breath the fresh air, admire the beauty, call your grandma, drink the coffee, stay in bed. Do whatever is you got to do to remain SOFT.

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