By Cass Hurrell

Atmosea at the Noosa Festival of Surfing – 2018

atmoseaThe Noosa festival of surfing is a week that we look forward to each year. It’s a week of getting to surf with friends from all over the world, getting loose at the notorious Thomas Surfboards party, embracing the atmosphere of everything surf, and just to have some time away in a lush corner of the world.   

This year we were amped to have entered the teams’ challenge – an event that always attracts a fun vibe. Sunday morning rolled around and we were so excited and perhaps a little nervous about surfing in front of the crowd of rock spiders at first point, and surfing against some of the world's best longboarders.

The swell everyone had been raving about hadn’t hit the points yet, so as we sat and watched the tiny little peelers roll through, it reminded us not to take it too seriously and to just have fun.

Clare was up first. She’s never surfed First Point before.  The hooter went off and as she ran into the water- WHOOPS! She tripped over one of the sneaky little rocks just at the shore.  Being the humble and gracious human that she is, she paddled out, washed it off and caught two rippers.


Cass was next. With her regal elegance, she paddled out like a queen and waved to the gang of Atmosea cheerleaders sitting in the rocks, including her fur baby Ulu who, when she caught her second wave past the crowd, became the loudest and most encouraging supporter of the lot! Cass caught two sick ones and came in to tag Maria.


There are a few rules involved in the teams’ challenge. Maria was the third surfer and was aware that time was ticking. In the teams challenge each surfer is only allowed to catch two waves, and has to do it quickly enough to get back to shore to ensure there is enough time for the next surfer to catch their two waves and so on until all 4 team members have surfed. The heat was only half an hour long and the swell was so small that the pressure was on to actually get a wave! Maria paddled out and caught two little ones, stayed low, trimmed like a boss and did it quickly so that there was just enough time for Maddie, the last surfer to enter the water.

atmoseaMaddie was the one to bring up the rear. She and her 10 footer paddled into a nice little wave, and dismounted with a somersault!  Mads had the pressure of trying to get the best waves to bump up the score, and she did super well catching a couple of real nice waves, but alas! There was the final rule of all surfers having to be on the beach when the final hooter went off which none of the team were aware. So because time was up and she was still out there some points were knocked off.


Team Atmosea placed 6th- aka last, but who cares. We were stoked to have surfed in the comp and to have shown the crowd of Noosa how fun it is to be relaxed and enjoy surfing the way we do.



After the comp we just parked up at Nationals and got to shred the perfect little waves in the warm water and have beers and a picnic in the sunshine with the company of the best.  

For us, surfing is about having fun. About supporting each other. About laughing and lifting each other up and not taking it too seriously.  We are immersed in a community of strong independent women and we love to see everyone smiling and sharing the positive healthy lifestyle that we are all leading.

Thank you to the Noosa Festival of Surfing for hosting yet another week filled with good times and to all of the people we shared waves. Until next year! Keep having fun!

Love Atmosea x x x x