By Maria Nilsson


On a sunny Sunday we set up down the beach for a surf and picnic with friends and babies. The surf was nice for a log and the picnic table was full of delicious treats for everyone. We surfed first before the wind came up and then sat around the table talking all things surfing and life. We have done this many times in our lives however nowadays the conversation is a bit different because these friends of ours are now Mothers. They are rad surfing Mumma’s that have rad little creatures who follow them everywhere. Before they were Mums they surfed and worked and now as mothers they surf and work too. 

We wanted to know about the difference between then and now, what it’s like surfing as a mum compared to what it was like surfing before motherhood and how their life has changed in general.

Atmosea is inspired by these women who band together and support each other as they navigate through the realm of motherhood whilst continuing to do what they love, surf. Oh, and whilst directing their own business’ and working just as hard with their beautiful babies on their hip!

As mothers they stood on common ground acknowledging that obviously their lives had changed. 

In the surf they don't muck around floating about or surfing for 3 hours straight only to get hungry and have to come in. Now when there is surf they don't surf for as long because they have “the best of both worlds”, either surfing or playing on the beach with their bubbas who are full of cuddles and unconditional love. Some of these mums’ get out into the waves on a mission to catch the most amount of waves in a shorter amount of time before they have to swap with their partner whilst others say they simply can’t surf for too long because they miss their kid.

When they were pregnant they surfed as much as possible but felt they naturally needed to be more cautious as their mother’s instinct kicked in and protected their growing child. As women it is so important that we support each other in every way and now that these new members (babies) have joined our Gurf Gang it only seems natural that we become a tribe of mothers. We all love these babies and when their Mumma’s want to go for a surf we will take turns looking after and playing with the kids. 


Life changes in every way. The mums talked about work life and accepting that some days you just won’t get anything done but other days will be super productive and sometimes feeling for surfing. Disagreements with partners take on a whole new dimension, arguing about who had the first surf last time and deciding who will carry the boards or the baby. What these mums all believe is that at the end of the day when people get to do what they love with people that they love, the world is a happier place. 

Surfing for these women still has the same meaning; it is an outlet for stress, a form of exercise, a peaceful and humbling experience and is something that they love! We are inspired by these surfing mums, who live for themselves and their children. 

Surfing Mums are happy Mums! 

We would like thank the rad Murfers who enlightened us on Motherhooding in the surf

Katie Cook Co-director The Bare Road, Diva Corey Co-Director Fallen Broken St, Siobhan O’Reilly Single Mum and Specialist in Love, Vegan cooking and a super rad creature and Isabelle Braley Lawyer.  

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