By Maria Nilsson

Meet Mermaid Creative Co.

What is mermaid creative co.?

We are Zali and Izzy, two Gold Coast based creatives specialising in photography and film. Being raised on the East Coast of Australia we've always got a camera or surfboard in hand. We both have a passion for capturing the surf lifestyle and its beauty. Our inspiration is sparked from the energy and beauty of our planet. We are immersed in the coastal lifestyle, and have a lot of experience in capturing it and manifesting it into something to share to the world. 

What were your motivations to start this?

We were inspired to start Mermaid Creative Co. after one too many coffee’s while sitting on a park bench discussing a project we were thrown together on. Realising that we could make something out of our passions, we came up with Mermaid Creative Co. We are able to live our dream lifestyle.

What were the main challenges?
Our main challenges have probably been balancing our business with everything else in our lives. Its just tricky to give 100% to everything that needs doing, especially when there are sometimes other things we’d rather do. But its all part of the process, and is something we are definitely learning and getting better at.

Where are you based and what is the best thing about the area?
We are based in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. It’s a tight knit community full of friendly faces. We find a lot of our work through meeting people in the surf and coming into our HQ at the Sustainable Surf Collab. There is pretty much always a wave in Cooly and we get inspired by the beauty of the place, which helps us in our creativity.

Why did you choose Atmosea?
We chose Atmosea because we reckon it’s awesome to see girls nailing shit. A brand supporting women in that way is always something to admire and be proud of.  There aren’t many brands breaking free of the typical surf industry trade. 

How did you go about putting together the video clips? 
We waited for the perfect day in Rainbow Bay to showcase it’s beauty and the wearer of the suit surfing at her best. ( A lovely local lady by the name of Claire) We then edited in a way that showcased the suit in use and the up close style, then picked some music to accompany the feeling we were going for.

What's coming next?
Next we are focused on targeting similar brands, that align with our passions and values, doing some good in the world and speeding the message.

Who is your favourite Surf Filmmaker?
Our favourite surf film maker is Blake Kueny (View From a Blue Moon).

List your top three surf films of all time.
View From a Blue Moon, Pear Shaped, The Tempest.

Any thoughts on the topic of sustainability?
Sustainability should be at the top of everyone’s list. Especially brands where they can push the message out and lead by example. Without sustainability there really isn’t much hope for our beautiful earth. 

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