By Maria Nilsson

Lost N THe WiLd and Atmosea - Mothers Day

Mums are amazing aren't they? 

They are always there to pick you up every time you fall, they're a constant shoulder to cry on and still fuss and worry about you long after you've grown up and left home.  They were probably the one to drive you to the beach for sunrise surfs, or pick you and your friends up after drunken parties as teenagers, ensure you remembered to eat all of the fruit and vegetables and to drink enough water, guide you through the challenges of love and heart break and most of all; be a friend,  as they are someone who has known you through all of the chapters of your life. 

Being at the point in life where my friends are becoming mothers, it just reaffirms to me just how incredible the job of being a mum really is! It seems to be one of the greatest gifts life can deliver.  

These photos are of Diva and her daughter Candy. Diva is not only a very good friend but also a fantastic role model and a natural and nurturing mother. 

In honour of these wonderful women in our lives, we have teamed up with Diva who runs Lost in the Wild, amazing kids wetsuits to celebrate Mother's Day with a giveaway.

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Photos By Peter Pascoe 

Words By Molly Oneill