By Maria Nilsson

Atmosea X Good Surf Wax

'You have a whole life in the outdoors, you realise you have a sense of responsibility to protect these places' - Yvon Chouinard.

Every waking moment we are given the opportunity to do good in the world.
This can be in the way we interact with other living beings; to thinking about products we decide to purchase and use, and the impact this brings to the planet.

As cliche' as it sounds, as surfers we hold such a great responsibility for the state of the environment, and we are continuously looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact.
Did you know that the standard wax that we all coat our boards with on a daily basis is actually produced using petroleum bi-products? We are unwillingly allowing this to wash into the ocean, with out even realising.

We don't think this is super cool, but we have used this as a chance to change our ways and we are so stoked to have teamed up with the team at Good Surf Wax, a new company reigning from Noosa Heads in Queensland. These guys are changing the game and have spent the last little while perfecting the recipe to make the ideal consistency - using a combination of bees wax, pine sap and coconut oil - all of which is 100% organic. They work in collaboration with local bee farmers, making their process totally transparent. Calling themselves 'a global surf company that use a sustainable, hand crafted process to preserve natural resources and to keep our environment in tact' - these are the guys we want to be standing along side of.

Every little action we take matters, and by simply thinking about the products we use, particularly those that are going directly into the ocean, and sharing this knowledge with other people, we are going to start a positive chain reaction. A butterfly effect.

Not only does this wax come in recycled paper packaging and smells like a dream come true, it works super well too, it is the perfect amount of stickiness.
Get on board the The Good Wax program! You can buy it from lots of cafes and boutique surf stores along the East Coast of Australia and they are going to set up a years subscription so you don't ever run out of wax.

Again, we get the perfect chance to say thank goodness for the bees, hey?


Photo by Ming Nomchong


Photo by Peter Pascoe


Photo by Ming Nomchong


Photo by Peter Pascoe

good surf wax

Photo from Good Wax website.

Words by Molly O'Neill

Surfer & ambassador for Good Surf Wax & Atmosea Clare Sull