By Maria Nilsson

Period - Once a month, it’s a fact, for most of us.

A part of our natural cycle, body and transformation.
For many it’s daunting, painful and brings out sides of ourselves that we normally wish to repress. For others it’s a relief, a reminder that your body is healthy and joyful.

If you want to fall pregnant, it’s sad. If you wish not to, it’s a happy feeling.

This that occurs in our body from our teens and for decades after, brings out more in us than we think of; emotions, good or bad, physical pain and sometimes rage.

Being a woman will always include ovulation, fertility and bleeding. It’s the most natural thing that needs to be as normal and comfortable as going to the toilet and having a wee.

The fact that it can affect so much of how we dress, how bloated we get, how uncomfortable it makes us feel and how sometimes you’re so low on energy that getting out of bed feels like a chore, has to be normal and accepted and everything but tabu. Let’s celebrate our periods.

How does getting your period make you feel?

Do you feel that you change your habits and expression when you’re bleeding?

Do you surf while having your period and how does that make you feel?

Do you have regular periods?

If you’re “late”, what thoughts does that bring to you?

If you could chose to have or not have your period, what would you choose?