By Maria Nilsson

Mother's day - surfing mama

 Meet our surfing mama Maddie

Maddie has been a part of Atmosea from the day dot. It's such a beautiful thing to see her continue to grow into this amazing mother and strong woman. She inspires us every day and we are so proud of her kicking all the goals! All while still being soft and gentle - still surfing(!) - allowing growth and also allowing to be vulnerable and ask for support amongst her women, which can be so hard sometimes. She is currently a very pregnant surfing mama, expecting baby number two anytime now and we are so lucky to share this life and adventures to come with our Queen.

In celebration of Mother's Day we ask our super mum Maddie to share some of her insights of being a mama.

How does becoming a mum change your surfing life?
In one way it makes me sad because I feel I don’t surf as much as I’m busy with my kids (I know it will come back though).
In the other way it makes you even more frothing when you have the time to go for a surf you appreciate the moments you have sooooo much more.️
Do you feel safe surfing while pregnant? 
Yes I have never felt unsafe, I only go out when I’m feeling the waves are suitable and what I’m comfortable with. Not going to paddle out in 4ft barrels. 
Are you nervous about getting into labour?
No! I’m excited! I had a long hard birth with my first and I’m still super excited to go into labour again, I guess it’s because I know what the end outcome is. 
What are you hoping for this birth?
I’m planing a home birth vbac with this birth. I have chosen the most amazing support team whom believe in me and my wishes. 
Do you know what you are having?
No idea. Surprises are the best!!!!
Do you like being pregnant?
Yes I love it, I’m due in about month and already sad about not being pregnant. It’s such a beautiful experience watching your body grow and change to create life.
Atmosea mum
atmosea mumatmosea mum

Atmosea mumAtmosea mum

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