By Maria Nilsson

Fool's Gold Springsuit x Elise Trigger

The Springsuit in Fool's Gold with Elise Trigger in the Philippines captured by photographer Evie Johnstone.  A stunning series of photographs and surfing with our golden girl and ambassador Elise.


A captivating series of image of golden girl, Elise, radiating golden rays with her shinning wetsuit amidst the azure waves of the coastlines of the Philippines.

 Each frame captures her grace and the golden hues of the Endless Summer wetsuit range.


A tropical paradise, with endless waves, sunshine and golden memories.

A story of summer told visually... with stunning imagery captured by photographer Evie Johnstone. 

 The ideal Spring Suit for this spring / summer season. Stay golden and sparkly in your Fool's Gold Spring Suit from our Endless Summer range.