By Maria Nilsson

Do you want to come surf with us in Morocco?

What could make you more excited? 

Do you want to come surf with us in Morocco?


I am sitting here in Australia, back in my home in Northern NSW after a year and a half spent abroad on the Med. It's just a short little trip back but it feels good to be here. It’s howling northerly but honestly, I don’t care. Last week served up some of the best waves at the local everyone had seen in yonks and another southerly system is building as we speak. Before we know it, it will be on again. 

These recent days of surfing reminded me so clearly of everything I’d longed for yet had kind of become accustomed to living without - waves, and not the funny but sometimes pretty fun, little ones I have been surfing for the majority of my time spent in Europe, but proper pumping, amazing, long waves.

I know I am not the only surf obsessed woman who for whatever reason has been on a bit of a surf hiatus, retrospectively I think this has actually been such an amazing thing for me but there is only so long one can abstain from pleasures in life, and surfing rates pretty high on the list of life’s most pleasurable things.

When @brooklynreardonn, a friend from here who’s also been living in Europe for some time suggested we team up and put our heads and hearts into something we both love, in a location we’d both been dreaming of during the long and cold Euro winter, it seemed like a bit of a no brainer.

So here we are, just a couple of months away from sharing a really amazing week with a bunch of women who no doubt share these sentiments or who are at least curious to get a taste of this feeling. We will be staying at the beautiful Osurf Club, right in the heart of the renowned African surf bay, Imsouane.

We still have a few spots left and if you’re reading this, it means you’re a friend of Atmosea, so therefore you’re a friend of ours and we’ll gift you a 100 euro discount on the cost of the retreat (get in touch, we’ll send you a code) as well as access to exclusive Atmosea product discounts. 

We have also got some extra treats up our sleeve to really make this week together super wholesome and fun.

Love us,

Clare and Brooklyn x

Follow this link for all the info and to book or reach out to us @claresull and @brooklynreardonn