By Maria Nilsson

Self Love Life Drawing Work Shop

A few weeks ago Atmosea x Filippa put on Self Love life drawing workshop where our pens found love in each and every line of the female body. Filippa Edghill was giving instruction and her thoughts on drawing the female form and how to incorporate self love in creative practices. 

Beautify is in the eye of the beholder and on this night we get to be both observer and artist. With the help of our muse model we learned how to translate what we see to beautiful and unique art. This helps us understand that we all observe and express differently, as on paper as in life. Maria founder of Atmosea provided some inspiration and tips of self love that Atmosea holds close to heart. We where cozy and got down and artsy at Yeah Nice Gallery with music, snacks, drinks, papers, coal and made magic.

23rd of Jan 2019

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