By Maria Nilsson


Now that we’ve all come down from our love day highs, there’s no better time than now to introduce you to Atmosea’s very own Valentine, Queen Ma - Cass Hurrell. An absolute stand out, as a unique and charismatic fire cracker of a woman. Cass is like a catchy song lyric; her eccentric demeanour and creative dialogue will stay with you until the end of time. A real true one-of-a-kind, who strides gracefully through life with a distinctive sense of pride, strength and buoyancy. You won’t come across many in life that are as real, honest and considerate as Cass, there’s no BS and it’s straight to the point with this one. She’s got her own way for everything and you just can’t miss her big yellow aura. It’s Friday, so let’s have a wine or a choccie crozzy for Cass and tap into her big juicy heart by chucking on her playlist and reading about her spiritual wipe-out in Bali.

What is your morning routine like?
Early riser.. I like to wake with the sun. Ulu and I jump in fancy car and cruise into town. Either a barre or yoga class or an early morning paddle, whilst Ulu snoozes in fancy. Long black with a dash of Coconut milk.  Then we head to Belongil and Ulu gets her run. 9am we're ready for the day. 
Describe your healthy staple meal to us?
I keep it pretty simple... Fresh home made salsa, 2 eggs, baby spinach, kraut, avo, salt and peps. Choccie croissant is on the regs too... Ulu and I share this happy little ritual, so that's healthy too i reckon. 
Tell us your favourite surf memory?
Ha fave memory.. Getting caught inside out Shipwreck's, Bali. Big wide walls were coming for me. I was too deep on the inside. I frantically bailed and was held under, not knowing which way was up or down, to the point I was forced to surrender. Like I actually gave up. Unbeknown at the time, I allowed. My 6'2 thruster was tombstoning. I popped up, copped the second set on the head, had enough time to grasp one small breath and got pushed back down again. I surfaced way down the line, finding my board with nothing left. Sweet ma reminding me of her power. A big lesson in surrender and how we have to keep on trusting, where the flow is going and move with it.  
What are your pet peeves, like people leaving food scraps in the sink hole after washing up, or maybe it’s seeing people wear odd socks? 
Pedestrians walking super slow crossing the road that's not even a crossing "get a bloody riggle on mate" in my dads voice. Hahaha patience Cassie. Patience. 
Are you more an introvert or extrovert, or bane the existence of these attributes and try to channel both, selectively?
Definitely both. I'm the epitome of a cancerian delight. When i'm on i'm on, yet being such a sensitive soul I know when it's time to crawl back into my farm house and be soft. I'm so content with aloneness and happy pottering around at home on the farm. I travel well through life doing me, so free to just be. 
Describe the pivotal moment you realised that some things just aren’t necessary in support of your development as a person?
It's constant. Forever learning. You know when your in it, your having a "i'm in my head a day or week"... rather than throwing out the blame at what or whom ever, I own it. I practice not to project... at the end of the day it's all my own stuff and I catch myself, acknowledge it, let it go and move on. Oh life. 
What are your strengths you are most proud of?
My intuition. My energy. My vulnerability. Born a natural communicator and ocean reader. I love to love and have a good old fashion work ethic. 
Photo by Pete
Photo by Mike
Photo by Ming
Photo by Mingatmosea
Written by Daini Stephenson