By Maria Nilsson

Natural Women Launch x Alex Roberts Photo Exhibition

Coinciding with the launch of our latest range of wetsuits, Natural Woman, long time friend of Atmosea, Alex Roberts shared with the world some photos showcasing his wizardry skills behind the lens and flashes. With a background shooting for snowboarding magazines using studio strobes (flashes) to shoot action from the streets or slopes, Alex had the idea to use this same concept to capture the girls at The Pass, under the dark of the night sky.  

 Setting out on a quest like this came with challenges too - one being the simple fact that for the end result to be what he anticipated, the girls had to be surfing at night, and another is the sensitive nature of the equipment involved and using it in these elements. No easy feat if you ask us. 

 We think that Alex did a killer job of creating images of our products in a way that hasn’t been done before, and that is what we are all about! A point of difference! And we think that the photos he has shared really encompass everything that Atmosea is, fun, inclusive, femme, different and just a good time!

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 When we saw the beauty of these photos, we thought it was only fair to share them with the world, so we went on a little tour along the East Coast with fun nights at Wild Things in Byron Bay, Sunburnt Mess in Bondi & Keel Supply Co. in Freshwater, Sydney. Each night saw us taking our entourage along to share our range, Alex’ photos, Fern & Pearl short film by Filipa, and an all round good time!

 With beers and mulled wine flowing, good tunes flooding our ears and conversation with some of the best people around, we are excited to share with you some photos from the success of these evenings, and to be honest we are excited to do it all over again. 

Special thanks to Sunshine & The Eccentrics for making it happen & to Bay Spoke Studio for the amazing hand made wooden picture frames.

 Keel Supply Co. Re cap pictures from the night.

Massive thanks to the Freshwater local Happy Wagon & Stowaway bar for looking after everyone with wine and nibbles.

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Sunburnt Mess Re cap pictures from the night.

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Wild Things Special thanks to Molly Oneill for DJ ing those amazing vinyl tunes.


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Words by Molly Oneill