By Maria Nilsson

Madi Farrelly

A feeling similar to that of making new friends in the playground when you're a kid, it is always exciting welcoming a new ambassador into the Atmosea community. We took a minute to get to know super babe Madi Farrelly, and we are stoked to have her onboard! 
1. Where do you live and what is your favourite break?
I live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, in a town called Mona Vale. My favourite place to surf is anywhere along the beaches, especially the northern end of the beaches....but I love a good long relaxed wave like Crescent Head, which is only a few hours north! (the perfect stop on the way to Byron)
2. What encouraged you to start surfing? When did you start?
 I started surfing when I was 15, so about three years ago now! I began surfing with my mum, as she was the only member of my direct family to surf. Surfing and being surrounded by the ocean is in my blood, being the grand-daughter of Midget Farrelly and growing up close to the beach, it was in my nature to become a surfer! The ocean definitely captured me and gave me a whole new meaning to my life. My mum has surfed her whole life so it just fit perfectly for me to go with her!
3. Describe to us your current quiver...
 Right now I am riding my classic orange 9’6” Traditional Single fin Farrelly longboard. I learnt to surf a longboard, so I am trying to expand my quiver and learn about other boards. I also have an 8ft orange single fin mid length shaped by my boyfriend Ethan, which I have been riding in bigger surf and really enjoying! 
4. Who is your greatest role model?
 My greatest role model is my mum Priscilla and grandfather Midget Farrelly. They both have supported me all the way through my surfing life and have taught me such valuable knowledge that I will treasure for life. I wouldn’t be the person I am, or the surfer I am without both of them!! My mum is the person that was always there by my side when I was learning to surf, and will continue to be there forever. We have shared some of the best times in the water together and always have a good laugh. She is a style queen and a constant inspiration (and my best friend!)
5. What are your goals for the rest of the year? The next 5 years?
For the rest of the year, I will be finished my first year at uni and off road tripping to Tasmania with my boyfriend Ethan in our van! I plan to travel lots and finish my degree, hopefully move out of Sydney to Byron! I am studying a Bachelor of Textile and Graphic design in Sydney and loving the idea of working with like-minded swimwear designers in the future!
6. What is your favourite part of Atmosea?
I love the feeling of wearing Atmosea! I love the bright colours and how different their designs are compared to other brands. Wearing an Atmosea suit makes you stand out from the crowd and feel unique, no matter who you are or what your ability is. Atmosea is inclusive and FUN!
7. Asides from surfing, what do you like to spend your time doing? Other hobbies and interests?
 I'm really into natural textiles and eco-dyeing using local plant materials and food waste.  I love swimwear and clothing design, and enjoy secondhand and vintage shopping. I really enjoy spending time in nature and taking photos of these beautiful places I have been. Ethan and I love road tripping together up and down the east coast of NSW and can't wait to explore more of Australia. 
8. Where has been your fav surf trip ? And do you have any planned?
 have a few favourite surf trips that have occurred over the past 8 months, but a highlight was in the month of May when Ethan and I scored perfect waves all the way up to Byron and back! We are soon headed up to Byron in August and can't wait to surf with the Atmosea crew! We plan to check out Noosa and Coolangatta too, but we really love the mid north NSW coast and Byron. 
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Photos by Ethan