By Maria Nilsson


In moments of reflection, I find myself looking at life like a series of chapters in one long story. There are chapters where we are just drifting along, then all of a sudden the wind picks up and blows us in a direction where we end up somewhere, where in our wildest dreams wouldn't have dreamt of landing. Some chapters are turbulent, some are a little slow moving and others just don't seem to make much sense. But as we turn the pages to these chapters, it all seems to work its self out and somehow, we find ourselves, right here. Exactly where we are meant to be. 

This week we bring to you a playlist from the curator of Atmosea, Maria Nilsson. Aptly timed, as this weekend is Splendour in The Grass, the time and place where Maria met Pete, her husband and baby daddy.  It is crazy that 5 years on, after we have turned the pages on many chapters, Maria & Pete are parents to a tiny and adorable human, Milo and are hitting the highway for a road trip, rather than getting amongst the wildness that is Splendour. But - thank goodness those crazy chapters where lived and those stories told, and lead us to where we are today. 
As we are all more than aware, Maria is essentially the best person in the world. A super woman, who never ceases to amaze her entourage of friends. She is some one who see's the best in every situation and will give you her time of day, even if she has just welcomed a new little human into the world. The vision of Atmosea is so genuine and authentic, a community built to support each other, as this is exactly how Maria lives her life. Inspiring to say the least, it is a true pleasure having Maria and her sunshiney ways in our lives. 
This playlist has some nostalgic value to it, as well as some songs, just for fun. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!

Describe to us your ultimate dream day:

Well, my dream day starts with heading down to the beach with my dog Gurfy and my baby Milo and a weak latte (I drink coffee again now that I have a baby…) and there are perfect little peelers, and Pete (for some weird reason) doesn’t feel like surfing and he is happy to hang with Milo and I can surf for hours and hours! Then I come in from surfing because my arms are about to fall off, and there is a little fire on the beach and someone has made damper! Yummo! So we eat the fresh damper with honey. Then perhaps one more little sunny surf before heading home to have some wines on the deck with all of my friends whilst simultaneously watching the sunset and the moonrise.

 If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A Narwhal. They are so ancient, and like so many mammals of the sea they seem to know a lot more than what we do. Plus, they are essentially a unicorn dolphin.

What do you catch yourself daydreaming about?

A surf trip! But a trip that would be fun and safe with little Milo, maybe to New Zealand or perhaps Hawaii. 

What is an environmental or social issue that hits close to home for you?

At the moment, the waste management situation in Australia.  I feel like there needs to be some better systems put into place, especially when it comes to recycling and plastic. In Sweden for example where I grew up it is really clear and easy to see how to sort the different types of plastic. 

What are some of your daily/weekly rituals?

Well, breastfeeding Milo is a new one I am getting used to! Also I go to the New Brighton Farmers Market every Tuesday. Since having a baby my routine has shifted a little bit.
I also make sure that I at least see the beach everyday, as well as meditate. 

What is your stress relief?

To go for a surf! And if the surf is no good, a swim at least, to try and forget what I was thinking about before. And putting on some good music always helps me too. 

Staple healthy meal?

Good old roast veggies with quinoa and Tahini (aka Maria juice) on top. 

Favourite surf memory?

Well I have so many! But the one that comes to mind right now is from during my pregnancy, I was pretty far in, like 7 months, and I wasn’t feeling all that great because I was starting to find some of the everyday things a little challenging, like surfing for example. But this one day out at Belongil with my friends, it was small and nice and I caught this one wave and did my classic Maria move of a cheater 5, and it just felt so good!! So good in fact that I actually ‘Yewwwed’ myself and Pete caught it all on drone footage! 

Do you have any irrational fears or phobias?

Crocodiles. Or Crocodiles with wings that take over the world. 

What is Maria’s life motto?

It is all going to be ok.


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