By Maria Nilsson


Hi! Welcome to this week, welcome to nearly being half way through March. What! March is feeling like a month of change, as though everyone has settled into their year and has begun to re-evaluate their lively positions. It’s exciting. Maria had a baby! A delightfully beautiful baby Boy, Milo! So. Amazing. To celebrate, we have Tarryn Wilson on the Atmosea radio, gracing us with her yummy and soulful sounds.

Taz is a shining light, her beams radiate humble and content speckles on all of us. She is creative, passionate and dedicated to her life as teacher, inspirer and wanderer. We can all sleep at night knowing there is people like Taz in the world, committed to their craft at truly making the world a lighter and more enjoyable place. Now, happy listening out there. We hope it makes you feel nice, while we feel nice reading about what makes Tarryn tick in this wild and weird world.

What is your morning routine like?

I think having a good morning routine is absolutely essential to ensure you have a productive and efficient day, as well as maintaining a positive mindset. I do value discipline although sometimes I can get super lazy and skip lots of things like breaky and making my bed in the morning, but for the most part my routine is really uplifting, energy clearing and motivating. I travel a fair bit so my mornings can vary but most mornings I like to wake up when the sun rises, slowly. I make my bed, clear up any clutter, drink a glass of water and then stretch. I’ve started to meditate in the mornings (only for about 10 minutes), sounds a bit corny for some, but it calms my mind. Afterwards if I have time I’ll get in the ocean for a swim/surf or go for a walk, then back home for a healthy breaky and off to work. I have been growing my own Alfalfa sprouts so this has been the star of most of my meals. For breakfast I have sourdough, vege spread, avocado, cherry tomatoes and my homegrown sprouts on top. It is sennnnsational!!

What comes to mind when daydreaming about how to make the world a better place?

Well, my brain is like an overloaded computer most of the time with 20 tabs open at once so you can only imagine the overdrive that’s happening now, but I would have to say for humans to amplify more empathy and compassion. This could lead to further understanding and acceptance, consequently reducing conflict in the world, promoting equality, personal freedom and encouraging recognition of individuality.

Describe your healthy staple meal to us?

The breaky I described earlier. Avocado on sourdough with cherry tomatoes and lots and lots of home grown alfalfa sprouts. Love it!

What issues or topics do you want to read more about from the Atmosea team?

Hmmmm, possibly some more on environmental issues and keep the local topics coming through.

Tell us your favourite surf memory? Or surf fantasy?

Woah, I have so many fond surf memories, most of them with all of you at the pass! There is one that springs to my mind. Forrest (my boyfriend) and I went to Lombok a few years ago, caught a cute wooden boat out to a break called ‘Outsides Gerupuk’ and surfed decent 5, maybe 6ft waves all to ourselves. I don’t surf a short board that often but when I do, I really enjoy it and on this day I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I was a little scared at first but once I got smashed a few times and kept persevering I ended up catching some of the best waves of my life! I remember paddling back out and seeing Forrest on a really good wave, me cheering, him cheering for my last wave and it just feeling so good! The froth level was at an all time high, I’m smiling now thinking about it. Lesson learnt, push yourself out of your comfort zone.

What are your strengths you are most proud of?

The strengths I am proudest of would be my ability to have compassion, gratitude, my love of learning and my caring nature. I’m not very good at talking about myself like this but I am confident in my ability for these attributes and more, I strive to have strength in all parts of who I am. I used to have a *gratitude diary; it has honestly changed my life, and my thinking habits. Each morning I would spend a few minutes and write down 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 things that would make the day great and a daily affirmation. Before bed I would then write 3 amazing things that happened that day and something that could have improved my day. This not only changed my thinking habits but encouraged me to make the most out of every day and be grateful for people in my life and the small things, like a warm bed or a nice cup of coffee. I’ve stopped using it but I would love to start up again.

What are your pet peeves, like people leaving food scraps in the sinkhole after washing up, or maybe it’s seeing people wear odd socks?

Haha. When men leave the toilet seat up. Eugh!

How do you measure personal strength?

Reflection. Being able to reflect on your day, your core values, situations or yourself, allows you to see space for improvement and/or ultimately recognize your strengths, which will eventually shape how you approach your daily life and people around you. I also look to my friends, if I see traits in them that I adore or value then it drives me to improve on my own ability to nurture the same strength.

Are you more an introvert or extrovert, or bane the existence of these attributes and try to channel both, selectively?

Definitely both but possibly more introverted, I can be a little sensitive and feel too much so I tend to be reclusive in certain environments. Depends on my mood. I do love my own space too.
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Tarryn is wearing the Stardust Springsuit