By Maria Nilsson

2nd Beach Meet hosted by Future Dreamers

Last Saturday we got together for our 2nd Beach Meet by an epic crew of ocean lovers + supported by an amazing group of legends, we swam together, ate together, surfed together, laughed together. Special thanks to Celia @celiagalpinphotography for the photos. 

Atmosea Swim donation of our Coco Bikini for all the girls that join us.

As part of our commitment to the growing community of ocean loving ladies around the world, @future_dreamers have teamed up with  @atmosea_@cleancoastcollective @saltgypsy@prodjuice @the_dailybar 

@wahineonwaves@seabonesbyronbay @celiagalpinphotography to host an ongoing monthly event here in the Northern Rivers of NSW. 

'Beach Meet' is an opportunity for all women to gather in honour and appreciation of each other and the ocean whilst feeling supported to be 100% themselves.  Our intention behind these mornings is to provide an atmosphere that is an uplifting, safe and fun shared with a colourful mix of ladies encouraging each other to spend time in the sea or on the beach. There is no pressure to be a good surfer, or even someone who surfs at all! It is all about coming together to inspire, connect and celebrate one an other and the incredible natural beauty of the coast. 

If you like riding a bodyboard, surf mat or maybe you like body surfing, come along! If you like surfing a twinnie, a thruster or perhaps a long board, come along! If you like taking photos in the water or on the beach, come along! Even if you just love hanging on the shore with a bunch of amazing ladies, come along!

Next Beach Meet will take place at Captain Cook the 6th of April at 8am

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