By Maria Nilsson


These Friday’s are coming around quicker than ever, January’s always fly by and we have well and truly stuck our feet into the sand of the new year. But alas, we have our favourite sunflower child’s music to alleviate the weight of whatever heavy pressures may have surfaced through the week.

Sunny is a warrior, supporter and one of Atmosea’s dearest friends. You would be hard done by to find a light that shines brighter than her own! Sunny is no stranger to flipping a perspective on its head and taking what may seem like a difficult challenge, and turning it into an opportunity of growth and positivity. She is a teacher not only in the classroom but to all that cross her path, leaving you wisdom of an old soul and the calmest of feels, but let not her tranquil aura deceive you, because that sass and cheek is activated as soon as she flicks her hips. Drop a line and invest some time into Sunny’s naughty and nice sounds.


Considering humans are approximately 70% water, and the moon affects the tides so drastically, do you believe it affects our state of minds?

I’m pretty sure water is a polar molecule, the hydrogen atom is positive and the oxygen atom is negative and, like a magnet, water sticks together because of this polarity. The moon affects the tides and gravity is involved and water sticks together. So, I think yes, we are affected by the moon. Whether it affects our state of mind I’m not sure, maybe we get less sleep on a full moon and this in turn makes us a little loopy? I don’t know if there is any reason to this rhyme but it’s a half moon right now so maybe that’s why I can’t give a distinct answer!? 

What do you want to say to people just learning to surf?

Duck dive on a boogie board!

What is one thing you want to do to make the world a better place?

Do everything with loving intentions. 

Be a teacher to influence younger minds to become amazing problem solvers, empathisers and strong self-believers. 

What is that one song that reminds you of that one time you….?

Waterfall, TLC reminds of that time I danced in the talent quest in primary school.

How does the work and essence of Atmosea affect you?

I am so proud of Atmosea and how it is growing. I feel included and content with being myself. The essence of Atmosea encourages collaboration and understanding. Atmosea educates me in so many ways and introduces me to all kinds of lifestyles, humans, and art forms.

What does your fantasy holiday look and sound like?

A cabin/treehouse in the snow, maybe in Japan, drinking tea, eating biscuits, having baths, snowboarding and exploring in the cosiest of clothes and lots of culture.

Tell us your favourite surf memory?

So many! 

Double island-point with the Shmiii’s

Java with friends

30th birthday camping surf,

Hat head surfing with dolphins

Pass sunsets with the moon and a rainbow!

Is there anything you’re afraid of right now?

Not knowing my potential and change.

What are you making at the moment?

Lesson plans! But I wish I was making my candles, weavings, macramé, dyeing fabric with plant dyes, and other crafty things.

What is something you really care about but might not have enough time or information to do anything about it?

Politics! I want to understand the choices our leaders are making and I want to understand how to make good political choices, as this will stem into how earth is affected, how animals and humans are cared know?

Also, gardening and Australian native flora.  

If the world was ending tomorrow, what would you do today?

Take my grandpa surfing and visit all the countries I dream of seeing. 

How do you care for our oceans?

For plastic pollution...Being prepared. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! 

(Jars, own bags, keep cups, not washing my hair...)

Giving my students the opportunity to understand climate change and their impact on the planet.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

“You are the light in their lives” a parent from school XOXO