By Maria Nilsson


And with the sheer relief that comes with the arrival of Friday, we’ve got our first artist resident Filipa Edghill providing Friday tickles to our ears. Filippa is also hosting a Life Drawing workshop at the same gallery on Wednesday the 23rd at 6 pm. Filippa’s work is quite prolific, harmonising soft textures and tones as she draws inspiration from the kind formations of the feminine. If there is any correlation between the way Filippa creates and the way she chooses music, then there is nothing to worry about when deciding what to play this Friday. pause, reflect, unwiiiiind.

Considering humans are approximately 70% water, and the moon affects the tides so drastically, do you believe it affects our state of minds?
I answer in all simplicity with this drawing I found that PERFECTLY gives an answer I feel is very deeply true.
Drawing by  @contodorespetocomic
What are you making at the moment?
For the past six months I have been working on paintings, ceramics and block prints that I am very excited to share with you in Byron bay over the coming month.
What is one thing you want to do to make the world a better place?
To tell children that whatever skillset they already posses or is curious about learning is valuable. And that there is no skill valued more than another because the world needs people who are good at different things, not only brainy mathematicians but also artists who glue together popsicle sticks. It’s what makes humanity colourful and successful so stay in your own magic.
How does the work and essence of Atmosea affect you?
For me I interpret the essence of Atmosea to be a sisterhood that is focused on fun but also not afraid to talk about real things. I think I am very drawn to this because it is something also important for me in my own work trying to portray women in a whole and real way through my paintings. We show both the lightness of our beings swell as our collective struggles and it is so wonderful to share this with other women.