By Maria Nilsson


With the Federal Election happening here in Australia this weekend, the lead up has had our news feeds full of varying sources of information on policies about Taxes, Climate Change, Immigration, Health and to be honest, sometimes it just seems a bit overwhelming and hard to digest!
Who to vote for? What party aligns with your personal views and opinions? Have your thoughts been changed or swayed by the people you follow on social media, or has your upbringing influenced your vote?
For some of us it is hard to work out what to do on election day, but we have used this tool to try and help work out where our votes will go:

To soothe you into the craze of the weekend that is going to determine the next few years of Australian Politics, we thought we would bring you this fun & upbeat playlist from our fun & upbeat friend in Noosa Heads, Lucille, or Lu-Seal, as this woman surely belongs in the sea.
Pulling some of the longest sessions in the water known to man kind and coming home from 'the best session ever' at Tea-Tree Bay hours after dark, Lu is an eternal grom. After a gnarly accident last year that kept her out of the water for months, we can only imagine the mental pain connected to the frustration of not being able to be out there. But one of Lu's greatest personality traits is her radiant positivity, which helped her through this rough time and helped her pour love and dedication into creative endeavours.
So, please enjoy this fun & diverse playlist from Lucille that we think is the perfect mix to get you psyched for some long sessions in the water, keep you feeling up beat and to help clear your mind of the worries of this weekend.


1. Describe to us your dream day:
HA! I was thinking about this the other day when I paddled to Granite (Noosa) and it was THE most perfect day with no clouds in the sky, the right temperature and poiiiifect empty waves and was wishing that I could stay there all day.
A dreamy day to me consists of packing a bag and camping out for the day with friends at the points or opens then finishing off the day watching the sunset.
It would be best if:
The points aren't busy
Scoring a park in the National Park carpark
Snuggling in bed in winter with a good cuppa book & film
Not having and responsibilities - LOL

2. Social/Environmental issue that hits closest to home?
Well there's so much! However#1 for me is the use of plastic. I try my hardest to not use plastic or anything takeaway even if it is bio-degradeable (but I am not perfect). I try to keep a stash of containers, mugs, bags and jars in my car so these items are easily accessible. I actually cringe when I see people use plastic straws and take away coffee cups. It really isn't that hard! I hope Australia/the world can become plastic free.

3. Staple healthy meal you like to make?
Quinoa, roast veg, boiled eggs, saurkraut & hummus

4. Favourite surf memory?
A year ago I got into an accident and had to get a knee reconstruction. I just hot back on the board a couple of months ago and I was in Agnes for a couple of days. I rode a friends 11 foot Tom Wegner at Agnes Point for those few days with no crowds. Seems super basic but to be injured and not be able to surf for so long is hard! Also my first barrel at Granite a few years back. I didn't end up making it all the way through and got smoked but some dude saw it and YEWED me and said 'You definitely just got tubed!'

5. If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what colour?

6. How do you practice self love?
Repeating positive affirmations and listening to my body to whatever it needs!

7. Read any good books lately?
I'm trying to get through the novel 'Tracks' but mostly I love listening to ABC Conversations podcasts.

8. Travel Plans?
I've been craving to go on a surf trip to PNG or Samoa. But I also have no money at the moment/story of my life. So I might just head south a the end of June, who knows!

9. What do you often ponder when you are in the car by yourself?
Sadly at the moment, my assessments and what I am going to eat for dinner and how badly I wish that I had treats in my car.

10. Life Motto?
Live your best life

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Words: Molly Oneill