By Maria Nilsson

Do good, be good, feel good - Week 2 Self-Care

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Self Care
As part of the Self love month we are running in November, this week we encourage you to explore the feelings that come with giving to others.

Do good, be good, feel good.
Thinking charitable thoughts about helping others, in particular, our planet, can directly increase how you feel about yourself and can influence positive self talk. Imagine what acting on these charitable thoughts feels like!
At the moment we are focusing on giving our time, thoughts, money and various material donations to a specific range of charities directly linked to the fires that are happening close to our home.
If you haven't seen already, here are some ways to pay a heartfelt, generous action to the people at the forefront of keeping us safe, the flora and fauna impacted, and mother earth. They all need us right now. As you give a little love to others, you'll feel better too.
That's the very definition of a self-care win-win.

If you are looking to financially support charities assisting in this crisis, these are our top three:
@redcrossau And please if you have a spare 2 min, follow the link in our bio to sign the petition that Australian's are signing to call upon the PM to meet with emergency leaders to understand the climate crisis we are facing and to learn importance of implementing ways to keep us and our delicate nature safe.