All of our swim is made from ECONYL®, an Italian made material which turns recovered ocean plastics into a synthetic material suitable for swimwear.

The recycled aspect of this material is advantageous as using recycled materials over raw materials not only helps to reduce waste and pollution in the environment but also means that the production of nylon isn’t reliant upon virgin crude oil and fabrics.

Our ECONYL® swim is also certified with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, meaning that our entire swim collection is free from harmful and toxic chemicals.

Whilst ECONYL® has become a favoured material when it comes to addressing issues of plastic and waste, like most fabrics, it is not perfect. It is a known problem that materials made from recycled plastic shed microfibres or microplastics similar to all synthetic materials when the item is washed.

We suggest purchasing a microfibre washing bag or installing a filter on your washing machine. The Australian government has announced in their 2021 National Plastic Plan that by 2030 all new washing machines will be fitted with this requirement (that's too far away, we suggest acting on it now).

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