Garment Bags

We use home compostable Better Packaging Co garment bags for our entire swim collection as well as for every order we process and ship out. We have an arrangement with Better Packaging Co who manufactures their products in China, to send directly to our manufacturers in China, cutting out the unnecessary journey from China to New Zealand (their HQ) and then back to our Chinese factory. Please note, that disposing of any 'compostable' product irresponsibly still results in pollution and threatens ecosystems.

We are currently using 100% recycled plastic bags for our wetsuit shipment as there are no home compostable garment bags large enough to fit our wetsuits. We have worked with the factory to ensure that each suit is not individually wrapped, rather we get them bulk wrapped, significantly saving on single bags. We then recycle these bags in the soft plastics stream or reuse them in other shipping processes. 

Our apparel is made by our friends in Bali. We currently receive our garments in cassava bags that are said to be compostable, 100% plant based and dissolvable in water. We have sought clarification on the compostability of this product by way of attached certifications, but have been unable to determine with certainty that these bags are what they are said to be.

We will continue to monitor this with the manufacturer and look for alternatives. For the moment we believe this to be a better choice than virgin plastic. Please dispose of these bags thoughtfully, we recommend testing them out yourself in your home compost bin.

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