Since Atmosea began in 2016 we have used cotton for its natural qualities throughout the majority of our apparel collections. We recognise that despite its breathable and non-synthetic qualities, the farming and production of traditional cotton is detrimental to the environment, in the way of water usage, pesticides and monocrop farming practices.

As of September 2021 we started the transition of migrating our apparel range across to the Global Organic Textile Standard- GOTS, which ensures our pieces utilise certified organic cotton.

The use of GOTS certified cotton fabric is a better choice environmentally for a number of reasons. Cotton certified under this standard has been grown without the use of synthetic pesticides; crops are rotated - adding to soil vitality, biodiversity and carbon storage and water is saved in excess of 7000L per t-shirt (according to the Textile Exchange’s 2014 Life-Cycle Assessment when comparing conventional cotton to GOTS cotton).

As our journey with using the GOTS cotton evolves, we are also seeking to ensure our apparel range meets Oeko-Tex® 100 standard which ensures the product is free from harmful chemicals and toxins from start to finish. We are currently working with our manufacturers to establish that the dyeing of our pieces can comply with the Oeko-Tex® 100 standard.

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