Adoration a look of deep love, a look of utmost respect. It’s the way we see the ocean and the environment, the way we feel toward our friends and toward ourselves. Striving to look at elements of our life through a lens of adoration will forever lead to a juicy existence. This range has been designed giving a nod to bygone eras; deep adoration and admiration of powerful women who have come before us, inspired us and led the way to where we have found ourselves today.

Please be aware that when you wash your econyl in a washing machine, micro- plastics will be released in the water stream, which can then enter the environment causing harm to natural ecosystems. Note that any fabric made from synthetic materials, including recycled synthetic materials such as `econyl,  when washed in a machine will do this. A recommended way to minimise this issue it to either install in filter in your washing machine that captures the micro plastics. Or you can purchase this washing bag that also claims to filter out the micro plastics.